Blackberry Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 10% - 17%

Blackberry Cookies is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Black Domino X Raspberry Cough strains. Named for its delicious flavor, Blackberry Cookies is perfect for any indica lover who appreciates a great taste behind their toke. This bud has a sweet and nutty blackberry and berry cookie taste with a lightly spicy exhale. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a heavier spiciness that lingers long after your final toke. The Blackberry Cookies high settles in a few minutes after your final exhale, starting with a subtle cerebral lift that infused your mental state with a lifted energy and euphoria. You'll feel creative with a focused motivation that lends itself well to mental tasks while your body begins to settle further and further into the couch in a state of deep relaxation and ease. Combined with its high 13-19% average THC level and 0-1% CBD level, these effects make Blackberry Cookies perfect for treating conditions such as ADD or ADHD, chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, arthritis and chronic pain. This bud has fat and lumpy forest green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber-tinted white crystal trichomes.
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Blackberry cookies is a nice body buzz with couch locking effects, the buds i had were deep purple with orange hairs with a fruity pungent aroma,definitely indica dominant!

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