Blueberry Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 19% - 20%

Blueberry Cookies, also known as “Blueberry Girl Scout Cookies,” is a indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Blueberry Tahoe with the classic Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint strain. This tasty bud brings on the amazing flavors, mixing fresh nutty mint with ripe blueberries for a confusingly delicious taste that will dance across your tongue. The aroma isn't bad either – with an earthy berry overtone that's accented by lemon and pine. The Blueberry Cookies high is every bit as addictive as its flavor, with well-balanced effects that are better suited for an indica lover, much to our surprise. The high starts with a relaxing warming body high that creeps up on you before spreading its calming tendrils from head to toe. A cerebral lift comes next that gives you an increase in creativity without causing anxiety or paranoia or affecting your energy levels. As your mind soars, your body will start to slip into a state of couch-lock without too much sedation. Thanks to these effects and its high 19-20% average THC level, Blueberry Cookies is often recommended to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms or tremors, inflammation, and depression. This bud has heavy dense dark olive green nugs with rich blue undertones, fiery orange hairs, and a spattering of chunky amber crystal trichomes.
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What a nice relaxing smoke. Not overbearing cumbersome and honestly for me, this is a nice afternoon toke. I do smoke more indica leaning flower just because how my body is wired so this is a great one to relax me when I'm feeling overstressed

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Happy, MellowHelp Me With: Anxiety, Depression, StressAromas: Blueberry, Dank, Fragrant, NuttyFlavors: Blueberry, Creamy, Flowery, Fruity

Amazing strain im currently getting out of SF. The visual eye candy is only the half of the package when you crack open that vaccum sealed pound it is the most unmistakable pungent powerful blueberry dankness hits your senses you know you made a sound purchase

BlueberryCookies is just delicious to me- it has a light flavor like a blueberry meringue & doesn't feel in any way harsh on inhaling as many others do; in me it's effects are very subtle; hard to discern or describe; it isn't giving my swollen ankle any pain relief. I don't feel anything particular as a strong body response, as others have described.

Surprisingly this is some pretty powerful weed and im smoking homegrown outdoor which with that being said, the taste is amazing, 10/10 would recommend

This strain is a heavy hitter it creeps up on you for sure, if you're not a veteran smoker be careful with this strain. It leaves you stuck with an impressive and relaxing body high!

This strain is a must have if you can find proper blueberry cookies. The nugs are dense and covered in a sea of trichomes, this strain is a creeper and it hits you like a truck I would say this strain is only for veteran tokers it carrys crazy potency and flavour 10/10

Nothing to write home about. It was definitely like an 80/20. It was a body high for me. The 1st couple of times I felt it but after the 2nd time it stopped working. I didn't feel n e thing

Sit back with the glow back, rock out with the throwback. Something about this bud kicks in 1989 which is just fine cause i was in my prime. Rapper DJ delight Magic Melons and a salad of Blueberry Muffins done right. Three puffs keep it tight. Tilt your head back till it feels right, exhale we all suffering under el orancia's hitlerish plight. Peace out and keep it dank!

Very creative, generative, but pianissimo, you know? Ideas come gently floating by on a summer's cloud. Forgot how to microwave.

Bought a half ozer at Litco in DTLA. One of my new favorite buds to puff on.

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