Cali Dream Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Cali Dream is also known as California Dream. It is a grade A+++ strain that has Mexican and Afghani genetics. This Indica dominant strain has an Indica/ Sativa content of 70/30 percent. The content of Indica tends to increase to even 90 percent in certain varieties of Cali Dream. It has quite large and hairy nugs that have a fresh green color and are heavily coated with crystals and resins. It is an extremely potent strain and has 98 percent potency. It has a very powerful yet calming high that makes you feel extremely creative which is why it is a good idea to smoke Cali Dream before starting any creative project. Often users begin feeling quite dreamy after using it as well. It has a pungent and skunk-y aroma, but its taste is very pleasant. Its sweet taste is a good blend of citrus, minty and fruity flavors that make this strain a very pleasant one to smoke. Cali Dream is excellent for treating different kinds of inflammation as well as chronic pains. Arthritis patients can easily find relief from their aches after smoking it. It is quite safe to smoke, but can make your mouth dry.
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Great, very strong

Smells,taste,looks just like it says. Wasn’t hard to grow and it grew short and very wide. Almost looked like a rose bush. Can’t wait to start up a new batch next season. Thanks so much ILGM.

I am growing some of this for my own medical use. Good to know about it's great properties. Thanks Man.

It is wonderful! It gets you high for a long intense time. The only reason I gave four stars Is because it’s really strong. I can’t possibly go out like that. But I sure don’t mind smoking at home. And it’s very mild to inhale a deep puff. Yum!

Just got done growing curing now....I just tried a couple of them.....I used right before really works for sleep in my humble opinion...will know more 1st week of Jan when it done curing

This is way crazy stuff had me pain free sych a smoth but intense high

Both my wife and myself have chronic pain from different types of arthritis and have found California Dream to be the only strain that offers this much relief. Excellent mutation on this plant.. Valen

I have bone cancer and have chronic pain. I actually had a pain pump surgically implanted so I get a constant drip of meds. However, it doesn't take away all the pain. I have tried Cali Dream and it does wonders for me. I feel it's effects after the first hit. I know it helps with my inflammation because I literally feel my back muscles relax. The bummer part is that not many dispensaries carry it. I sometimes can't find it and am forced to use something else that doesn't help as much. This is my official vote for all dispensaries to carry it and guide their chronic pain patients to it.

Aquired 4 seeds...the only similar trait was the height and the high...the bud sizes ranged from very airy to one with massive main colas..and everything in between...Many site descriptions say it more homogeneous...not my experience....the high is strong and VERY long lasting...not a dreamlike state, just somewhat confusing at times...2 plants had nannas show up with this supplier which was surprising based on other multiple strain orders...not sure if its strain related or breeder related? I did find one of the 4 that was worth cloning for future use...glad I cracked them just to find that one good plant..good plant meaning good yield, potency, ease, super resinous, AND it finished in 7.5 finished in 8 weeks and 2 finished in 9.5 weeks....all over the place...still glad I gave them a chance for that one SUPER Cali in the group...

This is a very comforting strain. Good paring for yoga.

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