Cheese Quake Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 28%, CBD: 1%

Cheese Quake is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 40:60. Together with top THC levels of nearly 20%, this makes for a strong body stone with couch-lock effects. Mental euphoria is also powerful, making this a great way to relieve stress and low mood at the end of a busy day. CBD levels are relatively high (1.5%), but not high enough to recommend this as a treatment for seizure disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD treatment. Instead, it's better used to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. The high is deeply relaxing and best saved for evening use, as it can make it hard to get things done. Cheese Quake is a crossbreed of Cheese, a hybrid, and Querkle, an indica. Not surprisingly, this strain tastes and smells distinctly of cheese, with a sweet aroma and a tea-like flavor. Dry mouth, as usual, is the most likely negative effect, though dry eyes are also common. Headaches, paranoia, and dizziness are possible but rare. Cheese Quake can be found in numerous places, but it's most popular in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and Michigan.
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Great Strain I just finished 2 0z Of this Strain and loved every last bit of it I highly recommend it

I bought this strain about 2 weeks ago and never again. Whether it was he batch I received or the bud itself, I barely feel high. A bowl or a joint of anything, and I’m usually fine. But I could smoke 2 joints and barely feel anything. I do not recommend.

Usually need 23%+ but I was talked into trying this at 18% and it's fantastic. Great for depression, anxiety, insomnia.

Wow best strain from Subcool so far. Super potent Indica dominant strain with nice grape flavor and bag appeal. Deep dark lavender/purple on some phenotypes and plenty of gooey resin for whatever you’re medical needs may be. Preferably in the pain and mood department I would say though. Look for the short pheno with super tight internode spacing and huge dark green fan leafs that should turn deep purple in bloom ( if growing yourself from seed). To me that was the jewel of the 2 types I got out of a pack of 10. The x-mas tree shaped pheno’s with thinner branches (space Queen dominant I believe) are nice resin producers as well and more common than the short thick purple pheno I loved so much. I only pulled 2 moms of those(1 keeper) vs 5 of the Space Queen looking moms and 3 males. Not bad M:FM ratio like most of Subcool’s packs usually are not sure if there’s a trick to it or just luck. Try it u won’t regret it

I really enjoyed this strain from Uncle Herbs dispensary in Payson AZ. Happy, fun, relaxing stress reliever. I don't smoke a lot all at once I take a couple of medium to large tokes and wait til I'm ready for some more. My tolerance is good I would say because I smoke everyday buy I will only have this once I'm home for the day. I will definitely purchase again

Had a frosty purple mother in the first 5 pack I grew of her that was the most delicious combination of grape and cheese from both parents. She was low yielding, but some of the best smoke I've ever had. Sadly, I didn't keep a clone, and the third purchase of Cheese Quake is now in the veg room as I have yet to find that pheno again. Great strain to grow and smoke!

This is a awesome strain, nice cool relaxed buzz. Has the sweet cheese smell and a tea like taste, i strongly recommend to anyone.

This is a chill strain and highly recommended.

Mellow high. Nice lift and doesn't come on too strong.

Cheese Quake has a great calming, mild smoke. I also noticed that it had a sweet smell to the bud :)

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