Crazy Miss Hyde Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 21%, CBD: 1%

Reportedly very powerful, Crazy Miss Hyde lives up to its name with THC levels that top 21% in available tests. It's an indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 30:70, a cross of a female Superskunk and a male F1 hybrid. This strain is a good tool for treating low mood, inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and everyday stress. But CBD levels appear to be very low in this strain, probably less than 1%, which is much too low to recommend it as medicine for seizure disorders or other conditions that are alleviated with CBD. The indica genes deliver relaxing body buzz while the sativa genes provide a clear-headed, energetic cerebral experience. Crazy Miss Hyde tastes and smells of vanilla; the aroma is sweet and mild while the flavor is earthy, smooth, and chocolaty. The buds have a bright green appearance with abundant orange hairs and crystals. There are few public reports on negative effects, but the usual culprits include cottonmouth and red eyes. Crazy Miss Hyde is a Washington State original, sold only on the medical marijuana markets of the Pacific Northwest.
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Crazy Miss Hyde was a throw in with my order of purple cheddar from single seed centre...It's def underrated and from europe. However, I grow in WA state and i don't know anyone else with this beauty...She 's adjusted to life in the PNW summers just fine...she's the sweeeet one

Here we go again. This strain was created by Samsara seeds in Spain. It is not a WA. created strain. We pollen chuck, they breed. They kick butt on Heavyweight and almost equal Mandala. Try their "The Alchemist", somebody also claims that came from the NW and they call it NW47. If the Europeans even try to market an American strain by the right name, giving credit to the proper creators we still get all pissed off, yet growers here steal from them on a regular basis. America, go figure.

i cant believe my eyes literally

Geesh : sticky sticky, WA state treat

Very underrated strain. Dense lighter green flowers with blonde hairs and glistening resin from the inside out. During the grow it's almost majestic the perfect looking female in appearance. Stable, stocky, with a slight stretch during flowering. Easy to hide. Not stanky compared to other strains however with a proper trim and cure this darling smells like vanilla a true unique attribute. My particular phenotype doesn't provide much of a fruity odor, just a smooth, buttery, vanilla stench and taste

We love this indica-dominant gem of a plant. One observation is that the trichomes are present way out onto the leaves, making one not want to trim too much, or at least save those trimmings!. Or even if you don't trim the little leaves it is still very smooth. Can lead to a condition of intensive concepts analysis, although I have not noticed any pronounced couch lock. You may end up just standing around considering things. Very pleasant.

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