Crunch Berries Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 15% - 16%

Crunch Berries, also known as “Crunchberry,” “Captain Crunch,” or “Crunch Berry Kush,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through crossing the Triple OG X blueberry strain. This bud is infamous for its flavor that is said to be exactly like Crunch Berries cereal! It has hints of sweet berries and candy with a touch of vanilla and a candy-like aftertaste that sticks to your tongue for hours after you toke. The aroma is slightly spicy although still very fruity and berry in nature with touches of earth and pine. Crunch Berries buds have small forest green pebble-shaped nugs with rich purple undertones, bright orange hairs, and a coating of amber colored crystal trichomes. The Crunch Berries high is just as addictive as its flavor, with uplifted effects that aren't overwhelming but can rather leave you feeling lazy. The high is great for feeding you creative inspiration as well as easing away any racing or painful thoughts. With these effects and its moderately high 15-16% average THC level, Crunch Berries is often chosen by patients who suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety or stress, insomnia, and appetite loss.
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All-time top ten? Maybe... The buds are perfect, gorgeous, skunky, sticky. The smoke itself is mildly sweet like Blueberry, with strong OG overtones. It hits quick and hard, with a heavy mind stone that kicks all cares to the wayside and truly lasts for hours. Enlightenment? laziness? You decide. I'm dreaming of a hot and sunny summer day, a sandy beach and beautiful water. The aroma is like a peppery, floral incense that honestly smells wonderful and not like weed. I walked out of the room after a toke and upon reentry the scent really took me by surprise. Also this strain is the first in a while that after smoking a couple of these joints in an evening with my bro (we normally will smoke a dozen easily) we both didn't even want or need to smoke another one before bed. We were flying high still. I absolutely love this strain. A classic lineage, a Kush hybrid born in Heaven. A must try. I absolutely love this strain.

crunch berries is a great strain i tried it today for the first time ever the taste is great the smell is kinda weird but it tsdte just like the cereal and it relaxed me

If you want a good strain to smoke on your day off, Crunch Berries is the one. It makes you feel like a little kids again. You'll want to grab a big bowl of cereal, sit down and watch a bunch of Saturday morning cartoons. It helps with writers block really well. Definitely a happy, sedating and creative strain.

Wonderful strain. Just the right amount of relax and aware. Their Grandaddy Purple (Abundant Organics) is ridiculous. Well worth the $$

Just picked up a half an ounce of this and smoked a bowl. It is very uplifting and the taste is absolutely amazing like I just got smacked in the face by captain crunch I recommend this to everyone and anyone very relaxing and creates a creative energy

Tried this in Tahoe or incline village actually. I tried a ton of strains on this trip and this had the best flavor by far! Tastes and smells like crunch berries and the high is great really uplifting for an indica. You just wanted to keep smoking, similar to green crack.

Got this in flower from Blum in Reno and it is top notch. Great relaxing hybrid with decent pain relief without getting too heady. Great flavor notes of berries with a hint of spice.

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