Crystal Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 20% - 25%

Crystal is a famous award winning marijuana strain that is produced by marrying White Widow with Northern Lights. This hybrid cannabis has a nine-week flowering period and produces a yield of 150g if bred indoors and 700g if cultivated outdoors. The bushy plant reaches to a height of around 200cm and produces sticky and big buds that are covered with crystals and red colored hair. It has a very high THC level, but the exact value is unknown. Crystal produces a very fine and smooth smoke that induces a cerebral buzz in your body. It takes a little time to cast its full effect on your system, but once it does they are very strong and invigorating. It has a sweet aroma that has a strong hint of pine flavor. Its taste is quite smooth and nice and has a sweet hint. It calms down your nerves and body, which is why it is an effective antidote for stress. Anxiety and depression patients can also use crystal for getting relieving from their depression symptoms. In addition to that, it is a good treatment for loss of appetite as well as mild pains such as backaches.
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Someone who smokes everyday, should try this. It’s definitely different. It’s an intense high. It creeps up on you. If you’re in tune with your body, it also has a way of “telling you” what is hurting. If you aren’t enlightened you might want to stay away from this strain or you’ll think you’re having an anxiety attack. If you woke you’ll see the strain is soothing you yet locating your points of pain in your body. I suggest hanging out alone, read a book, soul search. White widow is intense so the Northern Lights really kicks in and takes that pain away. Great for grieving, soul searching, knots / stress, thinking.

Whom ever wrote that description of Crystal is someone who knows. Nailed it. That’s some meta shit right there.

The pheno I was blessed with had a great narcotic affect to it. I feel stuck, yet alert. Me likey 😊

Definitely sweet smelling, I’ve been smoking it for a really long time now (6 months?) still gets me high, and it’s a pleasant head high. Not the most dank but I don’t always want the most dank.

Nice nuggets. Smooth smoking. Piney flavor with excellent pain control. A++

SEE PICTURES AND DETAILED REVIEWS ON MY BLOG THE AGING ENT'S TASTINGS-- The smoke on this was very bitter and tough. On the inhale, there was a celery note to the marijuana but on the exhale this ragged smoke was full on burnt celery all over the place. The aftertaste and the smoke's after smell was very celery as well. This is definitely unique. Not entirely pleasant, but unique for sure--The high on this was a bit ragged, like the smoke was. It was definitely relaxed at the end, but on the way there it seemed to make me more aware of every single ache and pain in my body. Gratefully, I fell asleep very early with this.

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