Docs Og Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 27%

Docs OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through crossing the potent Face Off OG X Rare Dankness #1 strains. The name says it all with this bud – the Docs OG high is totally perfect for treating a wide variety of conditions and packs a potency that will help even the most experienced of users. The high starts with a creeping effect, sneaking up on you before slamming into your brain with a hazy lifted euphoria that leaves you unfocused and pretty sleepy. This sedation will soon spread its warming tendrils throughout the rest of your body, lulling you into a peaceful state that most certainly will end in a long and peaceful nap. In combination with its super high 21-28% average THC level, Docs OG is recommended for experienced users suffering from a wide variety of conditions including insomnia, depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and nausea or appetite loss. This bud has a sweet herbal flavor with hints of rich spices and fresh woods upon exhale. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a lightly sweet pungent overtone as the nugs are burned. Docs OG buds have grape-shaped neon green nugs with thick yellow-green hairs and a thick frosty coating of beautiful golden amber crystal trichomes.
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This flower smells and tastes as sweet as candy. Smooth smoke but newer smokers beware; she will creep on you and hit you like a truck if you are not careful! love this flower

I have a pound of this strain, it's amazing love it. I'm an Agent Orange Survivor this med stops Nausea in its tracks.

As soon as I took a second bowl, a warm soft feeling filled my body and left me very relaxed with extra heavy eyes! It takes a lot for me to feel anything but this strain is a heavy hitter

Really sneaks up on you. Long lasting, strong high. Don't make plans, you're not gonna get alot accomplished on this strain. Tried to set up and use my DJ equipment, wound up chainsmoking and listening to Enya for two hours before falling asleep. It was a great experience.

Leaves me with super intellectual thoughts, but a short train of thought. Hasn’t really dulled any cramps I get, but leaves me in a nice enough state to want to suck cock.

The best product flower Revolution has done this strain is amazing in the fact that my pharmacy only had half oz. for 160 and it was popcorn nugs but when you open the massive container it’s loaded with shining nuggets. I’m beginning to think they say popcorn nuggets so people will look past them and only buy 8th of something that is not everyday but I have found that when like Docs OG was in popcorn and only 160 a half with that one only option to get it I didn’t blink. This is one of the finest strains Illinois has produced. Revolution bonked on other OGs in past, but Docs OG is top shelf for a low price. I will buy all my money pharmacy has in stock this is very relaxing, numbs back pain and spasms, brings you out of a depression and will soothe the soul.

Just crazy the look of the crystals on the buds. Great for end of the day relaxation.

this was a treat, some of the finest indica I've ever come across. Nugs are rock hard due to high resin content. Breaking into a nug has a very strong scent of pine and very loud!, it will just stick to your fingers and just looking at a bud it shines from the amount of crystals. Excellent!!

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