Firecracker Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Firecracker is a genuine rarity, so scarce it's hard to get a lock on where it comes from or what strains were crossed to create it. It's an indica-dominant hybrid, and the sativa/indica ratio is roughly 30:70, though that's a rough estimate. THC data on this strain are difficult to find, so it's impossible to say how powerful it is. The same is true of CBD levels, though the fact that they're obscure suggests Firecracker isn't a great choice for patients with seizure disorders or other conditions that can be treated with CBD. The indica high is body-centric, with a peaceful, calming physical buzz, a boost of happiness, and mental relief. Those effects make this a good too for dealing with chronic physical pain and insomnia. It may also be helpful with depression and anxiety. There aren't many reports of adverse effects when using Firecracker, but red eyes and dry mouth are probably quite common. Paranoia may also be possible. This strain smells and tastes of red wine. The nugs are dense and sticky, with gold and light green coloring. Firecracker sells in very few places, so only dedicated strain hunters should add this to their bucket lists.
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Pure Dakota Health in Fargo has Grassroots Firecracker regularly. I started smoking it, but now almost exclusively vape. The INSTANT relief I get from my chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia makes my life bearable. I really love this strain.

I bought a pre roll of Firecracker at Marijuana Mart in Longview Wa last night. It was terrible. It reminded me of really bad un-mature Home grown from the 80s. Smelled like burnt grass in the back yard. I literally threw this joint in the Trash. (In Washington you are not allowed to open or smell the product before purchase. You are also not allowed any open container in the store so you have no idea what the quality is going to be until you get home and discover that you got trash in a cool bag.)

Five Stars ⭐️. I live with severe pain this is the best I’ve had yet. And I’m #OldSchool been a long time since I’ve found one this good on every way. Happy relaxed pain free 💚. Blessed

One of the the best I’ve had. Well in a long time.

Came across some Firecracker and I can say that this strain will go on my Top Ten List.

I’ve only had this strain in live sugar form from Grassroots Pa. but it’s great! It’s an Indica that can be used early in the day and I love that.

Without a doubt, one of the best strains I've ever smoked. I couldn't believe how high I was after only a few hits, yet I was having so much fun, I barely noticed the passing of time. My body was completely relaxed, yet my mind was soaring. The flower I got was covered in orange hairs and trichomes. The nugs were so beautiful, I didn't want to grind them up! The strain I got was from Grassroots. Everything I've had from Grassroots has been amazing, and this one is probably the best of the best! If you get a chance, buy this strain. You won't regret it!

This is some of the best weed I have ever smoked I’m my life, and I’ve been smoking a long time. Never has a strain killed my pain so well but let me stay up or go to sleep, and also thoroughly relaxes all my muscles. If you get one with the right terpenes holy shit is all I have to say I got a 28% batch and I will get it every time I see it ever again.

Definitely my favorite to calm down my stress and anxiety but doesn’t make me feel like a zombie!! Thank you Grassroots you are the best!!!

I received This strain a few days ago, Because I enjoy the type of marijuana which is hard and grinds down to a fine powder opposed to the fluffy hard to break up Nugs , I knew I was going to like this batch. The nugs are very Kiefy wit a very pungent mangoe aroma. The high is very calming and relaxing with an overall feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life.

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