Garlic Cookies Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 30% - 32%

Garlic Cookies is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa) created through crossing the potent Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies strains. Infamous for its heavy flavor and hard-hitting effects, this bud is a favorite of indica users around the world. Garlic Cookies has a flavor that, like its name suggests, is reminiscent of garlic with a light cookie diesel effect upon exhale. The aroma is very earthy with a heavy diesel overtone that lingers long after you finish toking. The Garlic Cookies high is much like its Girl Scout Cookies parent, with long-lasting effects that hit both mind and body. You'll feel a cerebral lift a few minutes after your last toke that fills you with a sense of euphoria and gives you a mild case of the munchies. Soon after, a warming body high will wash over you, leaving you slightly sedated and sleepy at times. With these effects and its super high 30-32% average THC level, Garlic Cookies is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, depression, and chronic stress. This bud has fluffy oblong yellow green popcorn shaped nugs with orange hairs and a sandy coating of amber crystal trichomes.
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Great Bud, it does help with pain. I'm glad that i purchased this strain. I took 3 bong rips and I feel relaxed and still focused. High THC content i think its displayed at 31.7% THC.

This is a great strain for pain and to help you get to sleep. The THC content is usually higher than most others. The buds look great and the taste is yum!

Love this stuff! One of my favorites, great for back & arthritic pain! hard to believe but these buds were over 37% THC. Bought for medicinal marijuana use.

Good shit, much better than that Bio Diesel bullshit.

Legendary strain that although is indica dominant still gives you the energizing and euphoric sensation but still very relaxing..One of the top 5 strains in my opinion.5 ⭐️ buds..I don’t always base my favorites on THC content alone… But my other four favorites are Hawaiian, Tahoe cookies, GG4, GSC.. of course you can’t debate marijuana it’s all subjective… But this stuff is classic.

One of the budtenders at Greenpoint wellness, in Glen Burnie Maryland recommended this to me. It is now one of my favorites strains. A definite go to for sleep issues. It's somewhat rare in MD but I grab it when I can. The smell is a garlicy smell but the taste is very sweet. The buzz is amazing but make sure you're not doing anything for a while!!

Great for pain, anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. Powerful and potent while not depriving user of being present. Strong body rush of relaxation. Only drawback is the dense heavy lung expansive qualites that may hinder older users from partaking on a more regular basis. Noticed the abundance of long stigmas in the pistil.

my favorite of over 100 strains I have tried....

Perfect flower for night time/sleep issues. Highly recommended!

Garlic cookies is the best strain I have found for my pain. It has helped my stomach issues so much. It taste great very intense and helps with sleeping.

More power than expected and everything good you’d want for anxiety. Was also cheaper than some strains that offered 19% by ten bucks!

This strain is next level. It's smell is robust, distinct, almost fungal, with a hint of sweetness somehow mixed in. It's fluffy with kernels of bud that range from hues of yellow to black, all laced with Amber colored tricombs and crystals. The smoke is comforting. Powerful but not intense. It's definitely a refined high that takes some experience to compare anything to it. It's an idyllic and unique strand. And amongst such strands it deserves the highest of grades for curiosity potency and pungency

I like versatile strains, and I find this one not only versatile, but really powerful. I find the effects much better when I heavily indulge in this strain versus taking it easy or just moderately. When I hit this one hard, I feel a very high ceiling is reached regarding euphoria, and although the mind effects are significant, I get a nice body-buzzed feeling to go with the strong psychadelic-like feelings I get from it. I thought it was a gimmick, regarding the highly touted extremely high THC count but it's real, and it's apparent in the experience of consuming this weed. For me though, to really enjoy Garlic Cookies the most, I have to heavily indulge in it, and then be prepared for a fun ride. I wouldn't use this strain if I knew I had to function socially with strangers or around groups of people who are not weed-friendly, because it would be apparent I was high, I don't think I could hide it. 9/10

Heavy hitter, I find I feel very euphoric on this strain, almost to the point I feel a bit drowsy yet still cognizant. I can take this either way. I can let it nudge me to sleep as it overpowers my senses with drowsiness, or I can make myself move using the extreme euphoric energy of the strain to power my movements. This strain grew on me, the first couple times I was not impressed but what I found was I get the best effects from Garlic Cookies when I indulge in it. Meaning, really consume it at a high clip, enjoy your inner pothead and hit it hard. Once I did that, it seems i reached a very high ceiling of potency and effect! I find it is strong enough to take my mind off stress, and it's also strong enough to really give my creative energies a good boost if I use it in this manner, however it's just as easy to use this strain to unwind, relax, and sleep. This strain is very versatile and very powerful when harnessed properly! Weed Score 9/10

Excellent bud does everything it promised I suffer from combat ptsd and extreme anxiety, with clinical depression, and this strain relieves all my symptoms Great smoke 👍

This is one of my favorite strains. Quite relaxing and potent - makes for a great nights sleep.

Love this strain! Not for Novice tokers

Strongest pain relief medicine to date. I have medicated daily since 2010. MMJ patient since 2016. This is an outstanding strain for evening / bedtime. Blown away by potency, just WOW.

Strongest pain relief medicine to date. I have medicated daily since 2010. MMJ patient since 2016. This is an outstanding strain for evening / bedtime. Blown away by potency, just WOW.

Strongest pain relief medicine to date. I have medicated daily since 2010. MMJ patient since 2016. This is an outstanding strain for evening / bedtime. Blown away by potency, just WOW.

Very good bud. If new to strain use caution as it will knock you for a loop. The smell is outrageous and the high is wonderful. It doesn’t take any time to feel the waves roll over you so it could be easy to overindulge I did and I have been smoking since I was 15,thats 4 decades. And I am still amazed at how easy it is to get the bud delivered

One of my absolute favorites. Have some in my stash at 37%. So good for chronic pain insomnia and appetite. Does have a potent garlicky smell. Hard to come by so if you find it get as much as possible.

I'm more of a sativa kinda girl but garlic cookies is the exception! It gets me hella high and not too couch locked. Definitely a new fave

When vaporized this will have you lit in a very short amount of time. Has a nutty garlicky tone to it on the inhale, but has a very long lasting diesel aftertaste on the exhale and it hits you five to ten seconds afterwards. Best for late afternoon early evening, weekend off work kind of days, because you won't get anything done after toking on this strain for a while.

🙀 so far enjoying a great relaxing high. Almost difficult to keep my eyes open 🤪 🥴

Too harsh on throat/lungs.Going to stick with Indicas like GG, Grandaddy Purple and another favorite is Buckeye Purple - if you can find it

If you have fibromyalgia, this is for you. Muscle spasms are way less noticeable. After awhile the body gets use to similar percentages of THC, so I knew I had to have it, once I saw the amount. The downside is the garlic flavor & the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. This is coming from someone who likes garlic.

Oh hell yeah. Grow West of MD had a 36% in this strain and it is a KO each and every time. Don’t plan on getting anything done after hitting this.

By far my go to strain for night. It may not be for everyone but the hype around it is real, and I can clearly see why. Some cuts are hot garlic smoke when in concentrate form so that might not be enjoyable by all. All in all though GMO is a straight couch lock strain that creeps up behind your eyelids. Definitely grab some GMO aka Garlic Cookies if you see any at your local dispensary.

9.5 out of 10 Garlic and gas on jar opening AND vaping it. Really fluffy, like newspaper insulation. Loaded with frosty trichome. Heavy heavy body . Really dense and pungent smoke. Very hard to hide growing or smoking this. Got at 32% the highest I've ever seen from the medical dispensary. Tastes like garlic baked goods fried in kerosene. Delicious. Should be a 10.

33.49 and by far strongest any of any I’ve had

Holy couch-lock! Feels pretty nice all over and in the mind. Long ramp-up time for the buzz which gets increasingly more intense. I feel completely relaxed and sinking deeper and deeper into the couch. Flavor is like a nutty cookie dough, just like the site says.

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