GMO Cookies Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 20% - 24%

GMO Cookies, also known as “Garlic Cookies,” is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa) created through crossing the potent Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies strains. Known for its super pungent aroma and heavily sedative high, GMO Cookies is a favorite of indica lovers everywhere. This bud has a deliciously savory garlic flavor with a pungent spicy exhale that stays on your tongue long after your final toke. The aroma is very heavy and potent, with an overarching pungency and hints of spicy rotting coffee. The GMO Cookies high is truly one to behold, with long-lasting effects that will have you flying high and staying there for hours on end before you fade away into a deep and peaceful sleep. You'll feel totally relaxed and lifted with a deep sense of relaxation that permeates both mind and body with heavily sedative effects. With these effects and its high 20-24% average THC level, GMO Cookies is said to be the perfect choice for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain insomnia, inflammation, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic stress. This bud has flat elongated super dense pepper-shaped olive green nugs with thin orange hairs and tiny dark amber crystal trichomes.
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You could actually make perfume with this stuff! Both the terpene profile and the effects of this strain are worth writing home about. Veteran stoners will enjoy the sedating, full-bodied high as well as the intense flavor and smell, while medical users seeking relief from a variety of different pains will be pleased as well. The smell of this bud is incredible. Before I broke up a nug, it smelled almost exactly like incense and cologne. Breaking up the bud releases a spicy, gassy aroma.The thick skunky smell comes after you light it up, having incredible flavors of gas, musk, and spice. The indica lineage is very apparent in this strain. It's intense sedating high is great for those looking for pain relief and also those who want to relax after a long day. This strain's thick smoke is a tasty treat for almost anyone. Newbies will find themselves dead asleep after smoking some of this stuff.

Good ish. Period! Nice nice buzz, easily one of my faves you just cannot go wrong and no it doesn't taste like garlic to me, it's delicious smoke! Try it!!

WOW!! I purchased a gram of this in crumble recently and this is now easily my new top favorite. At first I wasn't sure how I would like this because of the "garlic" but it is actually has a nice taste to it. A very slight spice flavor but not anything overwhelming. For me this drew my attention immediately when I heard it was Chemdawg X GSC. Chemdawg was a top favorite of mine for a long time and I've always enjoyed GSC so I knew crossing them would be something amazing and it is.. This is definitely a heavy indica and it will make you sink into the couch/bed/chair/whatever. This strain also helped with my appetite quite a bit and all of my anxiety/stress was immediately eliminated from my mind. I really hope I can find this strain more regularly now. I have never even seen or heard of it until a couple days ago.

Looks and smells amazing! Nice and smooth and definitely helps my depression! Would definitely love to smoke it again!

Got this strain in DabTabs live nug run. The pungent long lasting flavor was there forsure and it's my type of indaca!

Nice Relaxing happy high. Laying back floating around the room with a smile. Watching Harold and Kumar

A favorite, one of my top five including GG4, GSC, Hawaiian, White Tahoe Cookies..I think it works in both daytime or night time… It just depends on what you’re doing… But it’s such a nice relaxing high,yet focused, not paranoid, and just excellent for pain, nausea etc. it isn’t heavy on your eyes either… Which is why it’s good for daytime… And for night time it’s very blissful and euphoric.

The GMO cookies that I picked up had a THC level 32%. Super couch lock very good feelings relaxed super relaxed.

I’ve been smoking for 30 years. Garlic Cookies was the most potent so far. Hit the bong 4 times. Each hit I got a massive head rush, followed by a dreamy feeling like floating. It was fresh and stinky

Crossing Chem D X GSC was a stroke of genius. This is one of the Indica greats! The buds are generally a bright lime green covered in frosty white trichomes. I have some Live rosin that's 79.2% THC and was a pale yellow, and white in small dabs. The smell is a potent funky one that does remind me of garlic and it definitely tastes like garlic. The high is immediate and very relaxing. For me it always starts in my chest and spreads from there. The high is extremely sedative and lasts for hours. Unless you're an Indica buff I would recommend this one for late afternoon/evening usage. Definitely grab this one if given a chance to!

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