Grape Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 20%, CBD: 1%

Grape Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies X Grape Kush. In terms of flavor, the name says it all – Grape Cookies actually does taste like a freshly baked grape cookie, if you can imagine it. The smell is pretty musky with a potent diesel overtone and hints of rich florals, although it does maintain its sweet grape cookie feel. The Grape Cookies high is a flawless blend of happy and sedative effects that are perfect for helping you fall asleep after a stressful day at work or just a bad day in general. The high starts with a subtle lift of the spirits that leaves you feeling slightly euphoric with a touch of mental clarity. As this effect starts to mellow out, you'll fade into a stoney relaxing bliss that can easily drop you into a peaceful nap. In combination with its potent 20% average THC level, these sleepy effects give Grape Cookies an edge in treating a variety of conditions, including insomnia, depression, inflammation, and headaches or migraines. This bud has long dense olive green pepper-shaped nugs with dark orange hairs and surprisingly bright purple undetones.
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I thought the nearby dispensaries said "quief relief" not green relief. But then again, im high and this review has nothing to do with the subject company. Boogashalooooooo

I got 2 grams indoor of this beauty the other day and totally love it. The nugs are beautiful to look at - dense and dark with tinges of deep purple and slight blues. Coated in beautiful crystals I almost didn't want to touch it or break it apart and grind it. What a delight! Two hits and I was floored - a wonderful roller-coaster of emotions, flavors and sensations. For a second there, when it hit me, felt like I was floating, in a dream-like state of complete contentedness. The ride was a bit unnerving - it was potent for sure, but I felt it more cerebral and not very sedative; just a really chill wave that washes over you, again and again. Couldn't even finish a joint, and a small bowl was enough to keep me in that blissful state for almost an hour. User beware - she is a killer!! I love it when a new strain takes me places I've never been before. 10/10 would recommend and definitely buy again for the cabinet.

Been growing this for over a year. It really is GREAT for migraines! Overall a very nice effect, euphoric without being speedy. My buds are *solid* purple with orange hairs, abundant tricomes. A citrusy, floral aroma unlike I've ever smelled. I would think limonene, citrolene and linalool terpenes are present in abundance. I'm getting about 15% THC content from my clones (based on strength of edibles created from it; I haven't had it formally tested yet).

Good for insomnia. Nice uplifting head buzz. Like I mean if I did too much , I wouldn’t get paranoid and weird I had nice thoughts on it. The first strain ever like this. I would buy again.

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