Gumbo Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

Gumbo is an indica dominant hybrid, it was named after a bubble gum flavor, but it is not to be underestimated. The buds are covered by crystals and are light green in color. Additionally, they are incredibly frosty making it irresistible to any cannabis user. With a 65:35 indica/sativa ratio, it has an amazing 20% THC content. As for the aroma, it is incredibly sweet and smells like bubble gum. It goes without saying that it is one of the very few cannabis strains that smell exceptionally good. The taste is intense, sweet and hashy with bubble gum undertones. Moreover, it has a sugary taste to it and is no different than candy in this regard. Just like its taste, the high is intense and packs quite a punch. Additionally, you will experience symptoms of couch-lock. It is the perfect strain for those who plan to stay indoors and do nothing else than watch TV. The high easily lasts for two hours. You have to keep in mind that you will get the munchies, which is why it is a good idea to have some snacks lying around. That being said, considering the effects of the strain it is quite beneficial for patients suffering from stress, pain, muscle spasms and even sleeplessness.
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Strong stuff!! Longtime smoker. Really good for insomnia.

wow one of the best I've had first time smoking Gumbo and I'm high offff the first couple of pulls but I was already high,,but this stuff right here packs a punch and hit me hard its smoove but yet harsh the high I already had escalated 😳 I'm good right now..its 945 pm on a Thursday night in NJ Goodnight....

You want a clean, pure, full bodied high that top rated indica's tend to have then this is it. Smells like sweet og, wit a zittle or gelato kinda sweet finish. Nice full fluffy green nugz with orange hairs surrounding each kernel shaped bud. The genetics are a secret but I get the sense of a Afghan x Gelato... definitely reminds me of a Afghan Kush on steroids with a sweet taste. You come across it I highly recommend it. Easily made my top 5

GUMBO GEAR SHIFTER ain't no joke. Begins with a cerebral and relaxing experience. Physically, this works meddicinally well. Soothes ya. This is an indica-dom I can get down with, considering I usually prefer sativas. Smoke this reefer.

My compliments to the chef on this strain. It's dense and nuggety for an even, slow burn just as I like. Smells and tastes simply delightful. Great potency, THC has got to be higher than advertised. All in all a weed trifecta👍

Looks and taste amazing. Super stoney as well. Upon first few puffs feeling the pressure in the back of head. Stomach notifications , gotta have snack with thisss

Nice taste and it kicks like a mule. Don't advise waking and baking if you have any responsibilities in the A.M.

Nice sweet taste and good buzz. More like honey than bubblegum. Gonna veg on the 70s classic movie the gargoyles and bust out the graffx. And anything made of chocolate will be in harms way.

Perfect night time strain! Great body high with some couch lock. But a very good and clean high. Not sure bout the bubblegum flavor but does smell and look amazing!! Highly recommend smokin a joint with ol girl and having some adult time! Very recommended!

Smoking a blunt of it right now. Super sweet, dense bud. Don't know if its bubblegum but it's def like candy. Pale green,smells even better than it tastes and it tastes great! Indica dominance comes thru strong with a heavy, swollen eyed stoning. Buzz lasts a while and no paranoia or anxious feeling at any point. Awesome, right up there with purple trainwreck in taste and smell but less sativa effect. Great hybrid! Called Louisiana gumbo here in Pennsylvania for some reason.

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