Ice Cream Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 19%

Ice Cream is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with an Indica/ Sativa content of 60/40 percent. It is hybrid cannabis produced by Paradise Seeds. It has dark green and long leaves. The strain has green colored buds with frosty trichomes and reddish hair. It is rated as grade A+ strain by most of the tokers. It has an indoor flowering period that ranges from 55 to 60 days and has a good yield of more than 500g/m2. It has a smooth smoke that feels quite good inside. It has a lovely sweet aroma that is similar to that of sweet candy ice cream. Its taste is excellent and makes you feel as if you are eating a smooth and creamy ice cream. It produces a buzz that affects your head and body equally and is quite strong. Ice cream is very potent cannabis so its THC level is expected to be moderate to high. The numbing sensation produced by the strain lasts for quite a while on your system. It is a good treatment for stress, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite. It is safe to smoke but tends to make your eyes and mouth quite dry. Some people experience dizziness, paranoia and anxiety after using it too.
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Just smoked a cone with my husband.. definitely one of the best strains we've had.. love the sweet smell and taste.. the buds are beautiful and fluffy.. it definitely helps with our chronic body pains.. A MUST HAVE STRAIN..

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Calming, Hungry, Long LastingHelp Me With: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, StressAromas: Creamy, Fragrant, PungentFlavors: Creamy, Floral, Pungent

Probably the most powerful strain I've ever smoked. The effects lasts a long time too. Eyes got heavy, heavy 😅

Smoking some right now, the numbing sensation caught me off guard for a second thought I was tweaking out lmao. But yall gotta get you some

Batch was purple asf. A sweet herbal yet slightly gassy/kushy effect. Top Shelf bud flat out ⛽️🔥

Definitely one of my favorite strains... the vanilla sweet smell and its one of the few strains taste just like it smell10..... break up 10... flavor 10..... burn 10. .... look10. Funny it smell and taste just like ice cream cake and the got totally different parents... just one is all purple

Looked smelled tasted fire bought a zip and glad I did. So of the best smoke ive had Its a good evening not going anywhere smoke. Gets me blazed and lasts awhile puts you to sleep if smoke to much. Dont plan on doing much after u smoke it couch lock sets in and you dont wanna move recommended if you can find it

Definitely some of the best I’ve tasted and experienced in a long time. The Euphoria was great, and can’t remember the last time I got the giggles like this. Effects lasted quite long, slept well, absent of pain, and have awakened quite calm.

About to Smoke some icecream for the first time see how it goes Fire Up 💨💨💨

Very nice smoke. Nice head high excellent flavour. Really does smell like ice cream when you grind it up.

Great information. Icecream is my favorite, love it.

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