King Louie XIII Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 24% - 29%

King Louie XIII is an indica dominant hybrid strain which is super strong. With a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio, it has a sensational 24-%29% THC content. The strain is named after the King Louie XIII of France for a very good reason and it does not disappoint. The buds are incredibly dense and large all the while being covered with orange hairs. You will notice light greens amongst the whites, it is a treat for any cannabis user to say the least. The smell is incredibly fresh, heavy, but sweet at the same time. Additionally, it is very tasty, it is a perfect blend of sweet and sours, thus making it an ideal strain to medicate with. King Louie XIII will overwhelm your senses, it is not a creeper and instead hits hard. You will experience a heavy feeling throughout your body and head all the while feeling euphoric and happy. Considering its effects, the strain is recommended for night time use. It is the perfect solution for individuals who are suffering from insomnia as it will knock you out for good in a matter of minutes. That being said, King Louie has plenty to offer and is just as effective for treating chronic pains and aches as well.
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Uh-mazing. My personal fave is girl scout cookies buuuut this one is a close second. Great for anxiety and pain relief

it does the trick has a earthy taste

Very good for medical use

One of my all time favorites....If I had to pick one favorite this might be the one as it's super tasty and super stoney! I like heavy Indicas. I like couch lock weed and this is some of the best you can get. I love this strain and I always grab some when available.

This has overtaken dogwalker as my new favorite strain. I have a high tolerance to thc, but Louie always comes through for me.

Best cartridge I've had this week!

Use a Vape Inhaler. Looks like an Asthma Inhaler... Smooth, fast hitting and very tasty. You def. have to pace yourself... Exceptional pain reliever and very mellowing. Great attitude adjuster.

Lovin the sour-pine w/a harsh OG Kush flavor, almost chokey, but it mellows out quick and the LA Con can be tasted on the exhale. Good pain reliever or to get really high! DesertGrown

Love the high but hard on the throat. Not my favorite in taste but, again, a great high. Definitely a great sleep aid!

Afuccinmazing!!! 2 hits and I'm lit! Dead on description smoking it as I type

GREAT for relaxing after a long day. The aroma is very pleasant as well. This Bud, "King Louis" most definitely has a kick.. I can say I slept very well. Highly recommend!!πŸ€—..

High level of musky lime terpines. Very strong high with just a vape. The avb cookies were sleepy. Very Potent from the terpines. I’ll buy this again, great value. Vape was not harsh on throat or lungs. This is a must try. Excellent symptom relief. If i work my way through a big bag of this and switch to something else, the second bag may seem a little bit less effective then it usually is but it’s only temporary. Thanks bloom!

It's ok not what I was expecting.

Great tasting strain with a strong buzz on it. Very appealing to the eye. Not for the novice smoker. One of my preferred strains. Be careful with daytime use, can cause a serious bud nap.

Not bad at all. Relaxing while wrapping presents and watching movies. Very tasty with a great texture and odor. πŸ–’

the description for King Louie's is complete and absolute true. Made me feel fabulously and in the same time relax and sleepy, simple good, I give 4 star.

I love King loui. I've been smoking since I can remember and now when I go to the shops I always come back to King loui. Helps with so many things. King Loui I love it.

Made me hot and my whole body shook. Did not put me to sleep. Very unpleasant. I was hoping for the happiness and sleepiness others describe. Perhaps I smoked too much...

It's too stony stare at a wall all night long for all the time. But I'm sure I would do it again if I needed to really turn off racing thoughts.

It is a very good high to kick back and watch a funny movie. I use it for insomnia and stress.

Strongest Weed I ever had, puts me right to sleep. Only smoke this if you plan to stay in one spot.

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