Nuggetry OG Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 20%

Nuggetry OG is named after its breeder and is very popular nowadays. Although it is thought to be quite dangerous, people are still drawn towards it. Nuggetry OG is quite big in size and looks like a huge stone of emerald green color with wild orange hair. They have Trichomes that are of a golden amber color. This has a very strong smell that is like fuel coupled with the smell of lemons or limes. Therefore, when you smoke it the flavors are earthy and harsh with a very rich aftertaste. It is a very hard-hitting indica with a very strong buzz (due to the high indica levels nearing a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio). After inhaling your eyes turn red while your body immediately relaxes. Apart from the buzz, it provides, it has gained popularity for medicinal purposes as well. It can instantaneously relieve any pain that you may feel along with the stress and anxiety. You may find that people recommend it to those who tend to suffer from any form of the insomnia and the buzz helps them to get a long comfortable sleep. After its consumption, you may feel uplifted as well as very euphoric.
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When I lived in Orange County I would go to Chubbs store in Santa Ana and grab his legendary N1 strain. By far the best head I’ve ever smoked. It’s nuggetry OG crossed with itself. Pheno 2 with 4 I believe. 10 stars. Hands down best smoke I’ve ever consumed.

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