Orange Widow Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Orange Widow is a one of the famous strains of indica types with an indica-sativa ratio of 70:30. If you come across the Orange Widow, it is a bright orange with buds and a thick layer of trichomes once you clean off the big orange hair. Although they look fluffed, they are one of the densest forms of weed in this category. It has the smell of oranges and sometimes diesel fuel or lemons. When smoked it can have a very strong buzz of about three hours. This strain provides multiple medical benefits as well. These include curing headaches and any form of nausea. Apart from this, a whiff of this weed can surprisingly reduce your anxiety, pain as well as any sleeplessness. Therefore, you may find that mostly the people who opt for this strain tend to suffer from depression and want to soothe their minds to provide a calming sensation so they can doze off to sleep. So although it appears different from others in its rough form, the buzz is surely enough to help you relieve any form of tension.
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Like the video, my bud was very in your face juicy citrus aroma right out of the bag. The smoke billowed with thick clouds, the taste had a very cool/crisp exhale like menthol, but not lung expanding or harsh, rather a very satisfying mouth to lung hit like a hookah. The high itself was very peaceful and mellow. Very focused for an indica. HD vision goggles strain, I like driving with this at night. Borderline trippy just right in the edge. For some reason by vision was bringing out purple from surrounding lights which I enjoyed a lot 🌌 Smoked .5 grams and got a perfect night time focused high. Could definately use for depression and anxiety.

Mellow vibe,very good flavor, and sticky which is always nice. Perfect for a rookie smoker I believe compared to some others but overall still a very good strain

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