Rare Dankness Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 24%

Rare Darkness is an indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross between the cult favorite Ghost OG x Chemdawg x Triangle Kush strains. Although the exact indica to sativa ratio is not known, the THC level of this bud has been measured as high as 24%. The Rare Darkness high hits you after only a few minutes with a sedative and analgesic effect that leaves you lethargic, couch-locked, and completely relaxed. This potent combination of head and body highs rids you of any pain or racing thoughts, leaving you in a tranquil hazy state. Upon the comedown you'll be slammed with narcotic effects that will pull you quickly into a deep and peaceful sleep. Because of these powerful indica heavy effects, Rare Darkness is a favorite strain for treating insomnia, nightmares, chronic stress or anxiety, and mild to moderate cases of depression. These buds have small airy pebble-shaped dark olive green nugs with lots of rich amber hairs and sparse thick chunky white crystal trichomes. The aroma of Rare Darkness is deceptively sweet and often entices users into smoking more than they should – it has a fresh grapey berry bouquet with a soft earthy smell when the buds are broken apart. The taste is very much the same, with a sweet berry wine flavor that has a savory earthy aftertaste upon exhale.
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Im not sure why the headline says rare dankness, but the review talks about rare darkness, I’ve had both, and this review is for rare dankness, not rare darkness. I’m mostly a sativa fan and only use indica when I need sleep or for pain and extreme anxiety. I took this tonight for sleep. Basically didn’t feel tired, or much anything else, after smoking a bowl of T34… but hold on… it’s a creeper for sure.. and I do believe I’m ready for bed. Did what I needed it to do, though I wouldn’t smoke it for a thrill

5 Stars all the way! Smoked this two times, two phenotypes. First time the phenotype displayed the fruitiness of the Grape Ape and was strong. Second time, this phenotype has the definite O.G Kush kerosene fuel/lemon taste with a bit of metallic on the exhale and is VERY strong. Being that I favor OG Kush and fruity strains, I can't go wrong.

One of my favorite strains. The Verdes Foundation in Rio rancho and Albuquerque NM always carry some of the best strains that Rare Dankness#1 has produced especially Rare Darkness strain!

it never smell good, it stretch like hell, but since he got interviewed by NG and he opwns his plants, everybody is pon their knees, but let me telll you this, your dog will breed better strain with his feets, and its pure bullshit and smell like an ass...

I love this strain. You get the amazing sedative that Rare Dankness offers that has given its renown but you also get the pleasant uplifting stone that Grape Ape gives. Together these 2 strains offer a Indica powerhouse perfect for night time use before bed or for an extremely lazy night in.

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