Skunk #1 Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

THC: 15% - 19%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Skunk #1, also known as “#1” or simply as “Skunk," actually has less THC than its reputation might suggest: about 15-19% tops. But this remains one of the most famous strains of all time, born three decades ago in Holland, where breeders crossed multiple strains from South and Central America, Thailand, and Afghanistan. The result became a staple in itself and spawned countless hybrids containing its genes. True to its name, Skunk #1 smells decidedly skunky, while the taste is a mix of sour and earthy flavors. This is an indica-dominant strain (35:65 sativa/indica ratio) best used late in the day. Though it comes with a head buzz that belies its indica genes, Skunk #1 also provides deep-body relaxation. The head high is energetic and creative, while the body high is peaceful and soothing. It can be used to treat anxiety and other mental disorders, as well as chronic pain, headaches, and lack of appetite. This strain remains highly popular in Amsterdam, and though it can be found across the United States, it's mostly found on the West Coast, Arizona, and Colorado. Dry mouth is the most common problem associated with this strain, as well as paranoia and red eyes.
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I've tried this strain as my first time smoking weed at all. Took a few hits and could definitely feel it coming on me by the end of that blunt I had two ounces bought. Even to this day it's my favorite

Old school classic from the late 90's we smoked in the U.K.

I will never forget the one, and so far only time, I had a stash of this awesome strain. It was back in the 80's when some friends and I were helping a mutual friend with some major repairs and improvements at his new home. When the work was done, we're all drinking beer & chillin' in the den when he joins us and gives each of us two plus ounces of Skunk. OMG! This strain may be 35% Sativa, but the effects are 100% Indica from start to finish. Within minutes we were all couch potatoes. Skunk dominates both flavor and aroma. If you're an Indica fan, and get a chance to buy this strain, do NOT pass it up! I guarantee you won't regret it.

What a fun strain. I give it 5 Stars just for what it has meant and done for worldwide cannabis genetics, but the taste and high are wonderful too.

great strain for beginners who wanna avoid a strong high with a low thc effect but grown in good condition's you could get a slightly average effect

All my life skunk was 75% sativa and now when you look up skunk on different seed company's websites, it even says the same thing that it's an Indica dominant and that actually has Thai in it. Who would adjust all this information and not prove that they upgraded the plant to an Indica that isn't the same thing, you should have a totally different name?! Honestly others should reply about this, this is ridiculous, what's with this misinformation?

Love this strain Def one of my favorites so far 💚 I feel Fucking Amazing Love to my Stoners

Great anytime of day for relaxation and pain relief.

very nice old school and great

Good deal, great job, thanks for all the info

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