Wedding Cake Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 25% - 27%

Wedding Cake is, sometimes called Pink Cookies, a hybrid with indica-dominance. It is attained by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavor. The taste is a perfect combination of sweetness of cookies and fruitiness of a cherry pie. It works as a calming agent and appetite stimulator, and is quite helpful for patients who experience regular depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, MS and other such related symptoms. It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms. Although it might not completely hamper your focus and energy levels, it will cause the usual drying out of eyes and mouth. This particular medical marijuana is grown indoors. It is observed to contain a THC level of 25-27%. In terms of physical features, it is shaped like pine trees and looks dense in its structural form. It is quite frosty looking and has dark green leaves. This particular medical marijuana is also thickly dressed up with orange hair all over it. It is most generally known for its sugary taste, as well as high potency value.
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got this strain from easy times coffeeshop in amsterdam and it was absolutely a gorgeous smoke ! creamy and fruity taste ! calming effect ! really good

Florida Wedding Cake, WC x Tri. Kush. Sweet & piney with mild astringent on the back end. Exquisite looking bud with tiny glistening trichromes. Light green buds with fiery orange hairs. Shout out to the Verdes Foundation here in the 505 on a stellar batch tessting @ 30%!

Got wedding cake again. smells so damn incredible. this minty and sweet aroma hitted my nose and room like hell. smells so delicious. flower looks stupidly delicious too. coat of cristals everywhere, a nice tricolor mix of lemon green tones and orange hairs, it looks so bright son. the smoke, well, tastes like a creamy berry dessert . so damn good. with citric tones here and there. medication was euphoric, hazy, relaxing, dreamy. big munchies, giggly, a blast to the head and body relaxation. big munchies too. dank nugs brother its all i can say. tastes so damn good and it leaves your mind up up and away! so faded bro.

Amazing strain. Tastes sweet, piney, a little kushy and fuely buts it's plain delicious as far as good tasting bud. Hits hard and very potent and euphoric/mind numbing. So if you are brand new microdose it 1st and see how you do with it after a hit and waiting15 min. Its all I needed ever for it to sit me down for a while its one of those knock you downers after one hit. Even for a seasoned toker it will cut through a lot of higher tolerances. Potency of mine was about 27% and I got a batch before that that was about 30%. Also the stuff is extremely sticky some of the stickiest I've ever come across. Pain and anxiety will build the way with this one but don't plan anything tedious to do as this is a serious mind number.

We've been on a semi-binge with infused/diamonds thc/50...Starts out very uplifting and euphoric.. Also, enormously helpful with stomach issues...Eventually the Indica does take over and relaxation and sleep are ahead..We're giving her the fifth star for excellent consistency...

Good quality and helpful with pain and stress. My favorite thing about this strain is it’s particular flowery smell and sweet taste.

Wedding Cake IS NOT GSC x Cherry Pie!!! That is BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Everyone saying it is has been duped by 3 major companies in the WM. Wedding cake is TRIANGLE MINTS # 23!!!!! Wedding Cake does NOT have GSC lineage. So many's disgusting.... And to the person saying many different strains can have the same name.....WRONG!!! Strains ALWAYS get renamed if a name already exists. If someone didn't the entire community of growers would push them out of the industry. Or their strains would be a laughing stock no one would purchase genetics from them.

A very delicious strain upon inhaling, so many sweet flavors! My neighbor with MS loves this strain for pain and even focus. I love the gentle uplift and immediate help with stress and backpain. One of the best GSC derivatives and a top ten favorite!

Helps my Multiple Sclerosis and my nausea big time. One of my favorite strains.

So much euphoria help a lot with anxiety extremely relaxing made me feel kinda brain dead though it was impossible for me to think

I must say that my favorite string now of days is the cake brand I.c.c. witch in another terms it's wedding cake. She got me by introducing to me that same strain just a different name for the strain lol .But I look love the so called Ice cream cake lol if u really want to enjoy her do her by bong and at least at 26.2% then she's perfect.

I suffer from chronic pain and minor depression. This strain always helps me to get through tough times making it one of my top strains. It smells great and has an adaptable taste that will make you crave more. My advice, go slowly and you will have a mindblowing experience!

These new generations buds are very surprising, it's like eating vanilla ice cream with a little touch of berry at the end. WC is definetly one of my favorite. I found the flagrance and the flavors quit similar to the Gelato. The Gelato is more creamy in the taste and the effect is more cerebral. Anyway, Wedding Cake 5/5, and as usual, becareful if you're novices

To the person saying true wedding cake is gsc x cherry pie like with a lot of strains there's more that one cross named wedding cake and one of the is triangle mints #23 that they called wedding cake as well they are both wedding cake as there are no trade marks in the weed game...

best strain for after work and laughing at my favorite show!

My favorite all time strain!! I believe the genetics get mixed up but true wedding cake is derived from GSC and cherry pie. This is true wedding cake. Triangle Mints is NOT wedding cake nor pink cookies

Been smoking for over 5 decades and Wedding Cake is the holy grail.

As I am getting older and have smoked for roughly a couple decades, I’ll just put it like this, wedding cake is one of the only couple strains I know of for sure that actually gets the job done for me. I have a high tolerance even for someone who doesn’t smoke daily. By far the most euphoric effect from any strain that I know of. Wedding cake is my favorite ever! 😎

Absolutely blissful. Worked for my fibromyalgia and PTSD. One of my favorites!

Delightful..... Chocolate overtones lead you to a ticklish euphoria and progressive body relaxation.... similar to Snowball, yet different.... I personally prefer over Snowball... but could be due to the chocolate flavor bias ;)

Wedding Cake is a gorgeous strain. I feel it brings out that hidden creative me out of the depths of routine and life experiences. Absolutely in live with this one and i cannot imagine a better way to finish the day and smoke few pipes od WD 🪐💫🇱🇹

Got some wedding cake in denver and it is without a doubt the most potent weed i have ever smoked. If there is a more potent weed out there then i dont need it . WHEW!!!! this stuff is off the charts.

close to the best high ive had honestly. VERY euphoric, not too tired, but still relaxed. really helps my social anxiety

I have tried this particular strain once so far and I loved it I would not mind to get my hands on some more of that in the future

*SENSUAL MAIN EFFECT* This is my new favorite! I like to get strains that will help with arousal and inhibition for night/sex time. Wedding cake is hands down the best ive had so far! I was very sensual and touching my partner a lot more. I'm usually pretty closed, cold and inhibited... This blasted all is away. My partner loves what it brought out in me too. I'm usually too shy to be like that. And let's just say the "finale" was blackout intense and over the top good 😊🖤

Smooth hybrid. This is a popular medicinal strain here in Phoenix. Great for insomnia, anxiety and depression

Love this strain personally I have adhd and I can smoke something that's suppose to couch lock you and it does nothing of the sort but wedding cake got me feeling relaxed hands down the best for someone with adhd

And the Cookies and Cakes keep rollin'! This might be one of the best, or in top 3 or 5 (smoked a lot of strains in my years). PHAT PANDA Platinum Line in WA has it nailed down to perfection, this batch tested at 26.7% THC, 30.6% TOTAL cannabs, Really nothing more I can say but HOLY FUCKING COW!!! or Panda 😄 Heavy euphoric indica for us heavy euphoric pain and depression annihilating indica hybrid lovers. This is our prize! Our Holy Grail...if you havent tried it, and see the real deal, do not hesitate, get that shit, you will thank all us who raved about this beeya...\o/

One of the top strains. Taste and high are on point. If you can get this, you must give it a try.

Wedding Cake is such a wonderful strain for medicinal use! With GSC in its lineage and it’s high terps you really can’t go wrong. I have Multiple Sclerosis and lots of nerve pain and this strain really helps so much. It def has a pepper taste to it but that’s a good thing bc the terps that tie into the pepper taste are usually ones that really help my issues a lot. If you are seeking a great medicinal or even rec use this is a top choice for me and I’m incredible picky on my stuff lol.

Smoking a gram pre-roll as I type this. Nice smooth, sweet flavor with a vanilla, sweet dessert type of smell and taste. I'm not too stoned to function, but I'm definitely high and my brain knows it just got cooked by some Wedding Cake 😂. It's got me feeling smiley and euphoric. If I wanted to sleep right now, I could, but I'm enjoying the high. I really like this strain actually. Not feeling any anxiety, depression or any pains in my knee or neck, so it helps with that too. Top Notch stuff.

I use heavy indicas help with ptsd. Wedding Cake is a top 5 strain IMO. Nice blend of taste with heavy mood changing high. If you need the extra kick of a heavy indica like I do, then Wedding Cake is perfect for you. If it’s anything short of fantastic the grower screwed it up.

Love this strain for at night before some serious tv chilling and before bed with an increased dose for some awesome sleep💤💕 I definitely wouldn't do this strain during the day if you have anything important to do or have to leave the house😅 It's pretty darn potent. A favorite of mine. Takes away my anxiety and makes me feel relaxed like everything's gonna be okay 💚 Def grab this one if you come across it! :)

Great flavor and long lasting high. Perfect for chillin and kicking back as i didn't feel any sedative effects. Highly recommend for Chronic pain, especially in the lower back region. Definitely will be smoking this again

One of my most favorite strains no matter how high it tests, Always helps with pain and appetite and nausea!! LOVE IT always a must buy! esp from Takoma Wellness in DC

This strain was recommended to me by friends; I have been suffering with Multiple Sclerosis for twenty of my beautiful years, this did not help me one bit. 🤨 Tip: take high THC 26% add to mango haze perfect CBD. This is perfect for me and my pain, not so hard right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Jessica Earle

I would have to say that this is my favorite strain (so far). I actually prefer the vape to the flower with this strain, but that may be different with other growers. If you are looking for a quit hitting, euphoric burst, then this is your strain. Not for beginners, as they tend to bug out a bit if they smoke too much. But if you want to get away…smoke this. It has a sweet taste and takes effect pretty quick. For intimacy purposes….all I can say is Holy Shit….If there is better strain for sex please tell me lol…..

You feel REALLY fantastic. Great for pain and happiness boost. I have fibromyalgia and it helps with my nerve pain. Will feel sleepy pretty quick if taken too much at one time..i had 35% so it kicks you in the ass

I have MS, and work a physically demanding job. Smoked a bowl of this after work and almost instant pain and stress relief. Great strain!

I have serious Neuropathy due to an amputation of my lower left leg (below knee) and Wedding Cake is one of the few strains(along with Afgooey) that can calm the nerve endings down so I can sleep. So instead of taking a valium I take a couple of good tokes and can start drifting off to dreamland.

One of my new faves testing at a whopping 35% THC, definitely not for the novice user

One of my favorites. Great well rounded high, great flavor. Smooth and balanced

🤵👰🎂 wedding cake has a definately very laid back effect. Just got back from running errands/driving in traffic, and my mind was very adhd all over the place. Smoked this for the first time about 10 minutes ago. And it immediately calmed me down. Shut down all racing thoughts. I feel stupid good right now. Instant stress killer. Wedding cake is the business.

Speechless really absolutely amazing strain. If you're a daily and heavy smoker this is hard to beat. If I could only smoke one strain this would be it. I smoked a 1g piece of bluedream followed by a one gr piece of Master Kush and yeah it was good. Then came the wedding cake. I had to put these piece down a third of the way in lol completely different level. Yes heavy indica and you won't find a better tasting strain.

Sweet puff, sugary... Melts anxiety and 😌 great for pain relief and good nights 💤 Highly recommended

I'm quite surprised by this one, it REALLY DOES taste like a combo of sweet cookies and cherry. I absolutely adore anything with GSC in it (as GSC is one of my favorite strains) and this strain is no letdown. The body high is a nice and even one, going throughout the whole body. Mentally this one really slows me down, it makes thinking and concentrating difficult like I'm wading through a fog.

It packs a punch and it sneaks up on you ...... you will sleep like a baby.

I have the Clone only version and it gives off the best smell I've ever smelled. Cherries and like sugar smell. Beautiful big colas just frosted.

It is potent as hell, every year it gets stronger seems like🔥🔥🔥

Great taste, intense high. Top shelf flower. Thc total 34.3%

Very special strain. I only bring it out for wife and very close friends. Oh my!!! This stuff is gooooood!

Excellent pain relief , excellent taste and smell - you will have no issues with falling asleep 2-4 hours later

Well-rounded strain! This train tags all the bases! Potency, taste, Roma, and look....... If done right.

My very favorite strain! Only problem is that it isn’t in stock enough. Top shelf in my opinion.

Wedding Cake, perfect balance definitely smoke for the Stoners.Wicked right off the line. Buy some try some🤯

Mynt downtown Reno - This is my favorite new go-to strain. Tasty, stress relieving, soothing. LOVE it, don't care who is growing it, I'm smoking it!

Hits hard at first giving an epic euphoric sense then levels out to a very calm, relaxed high. Definitely best as a “before bed snack” because you won’t want to do much 🥴

Wedding Cake is my new favorite strain! Has all the effects I look for: Sedation but not total couch lock; happy; euphoric; giggly; relaxing; appetite stimulator. Definitely can feel both the indica and sativa. Very powerful strain, great for many medical conditions!

Wedding Cake The Absolute Best medication I have experienced .. It is Euphoric ,Happy,Creative,Relaxed with energy . . . delightful !💗

Just picked up an ounce of Wedding Cake popcorn, tested 34.56 total thc. Have smoked bout every strain out there. This is in my top 5. Wedding Cake, Gelato, GG#4, Maui Waui, and Tahoe OG, not in any order. Also a mention for Pineapple Express. Yeah but Wedding Cake definitely puts me on my Ass!!!

the kind of bud thats very kind. i definatly taste the sugary taste That and the perfectly rounded high makes it one of my all time faves.

I got it in concentrate form. Two hits puts me in a blissful state. Im a heavy weight too. Good strain

Smoking flowers for over 30 years. Ranks amongst the best! Relaxation but mentally stimulated.

Simply amazing results, PTSD, stress and anxiety are slowly put at ease with this awesome strain combination of girl scout cookies / cherry-pie 25% THC defiantly nothing to turn your nose up at.

Wedding Cake absolutely amazing... True sedating, feel good stoner high..great feeling of euphoria, will induce sleep if still. Very calming.

Tried this many times strong sedative high very sticky! My plug just hooked it up with a half oz and what a treat my grinder is caked! Tasty bud reminesint of gsc with a funky pungent earthy tone heavy hitter here love it🔥🔥🔥

Just tried for the first time, very nice taste. Relaxing and calming.

This is by far my favorite strain so far, makes things easier for me to do with the daily pain. Great toke before bed for that chill down period since me and the hubby suffers from insomnia it really helps.

GSC crossed with Cherry pie??? YES PLEASE!!! Awesome strain! Tastes delicious and the high is amazing. Smells and tastes like cherry cream pie. High is just as good. Super dense frosty GSC type nugs. Amazing strain. One of my favs for sure.

Fresh Baked's pheno of Wedding Cake has been the most potent and flavorful cut of this strain that I've had. Testing just under 34%, the THC-heavy cut gradually creeps and provides an amazing hybrid experience.

Wedding cake is perfectly creamy and sweet on the inhale, and the sweetness doesn't stop there. It's a very manageable yet euphoric high, and can become more intense and sedating as you smoke more. Great medically and therapeutically, it provides a variety of benefits such as stimulating appetite and creativity. The flavor is the main attraction with this strain, being the building blocks of many other strains' genetics and powerful in its own right. The sweet vanilla flavor is not incredibly common. It's a creamy, thick smoke that lingers on the tongue long after you exhale. Genetics really shine through in this strain. The balance of indica to sativa give it a very well rounded variety of effects. It's great for relaxation all around and is good for new or seasoned smokers alike. The flavor can be appreciated by almost anyone.

Picked up an 1/8 by NLV a grower in Nevada at Jardin Premium Dispensary Las Vegas. Straight up fire super dense buds. I already want to get another 1/8. Very old school feel on this one. Super happy vibes followed by deep introspection leading to funny more positive conclusions. Get it if you can!

A great strain, uplifting indica. It can cause one to laugh at just about,, EVERYTHING. I liked its medical abilities to ease pain and anxiety giving me a more natural and feel good medication and helped to sleep greatly. It's got a lil milks like mothers milk look in APPEARANCE, glossy vanilla frosted trichomes on the flowers. I got this straight outta Santa Barbara's best outdoor large farms, and I'm impressed, as is everyone else thats around me while medicating., lol. Great for anytime use. Att..🍁🤙

The high lasted SUPER long but was a late hit for me. After having a whole blunt of it, it took a good 15 minutes after for it to really settle in, which was strange how much it intensified. Very chill but also very awake and active. I really liked it, just caught me off guard a bit. Its more of a higher grade mid, didn’t sit on the same level of the high I got from strains like Skywalker OG or Sour Diesel but I still had a good time, has a good taste too btw!

Flavor is always best sampled by rolling in plain paper (i.e., Tops) but with very high THC content, my first test was using a small one hit. The effect was immediate, mild and subtle for five minutes and then intensified over about twenty minutes. This strain is a great creeper, a signature aspect of fine bud. A bit harsh using the one-hit, but noticeable lung expansion and flavor upon exhaling. Long lasting effects are interestingly complex, beginning with cerebral, happy high with good energy, followed hours later by calming, relaxed physical feeling, good for sleep. My sample is from Ataraxia (Verano brand), quite pungent and very sticky. Here are the numbers: THC 0.509, THCa 33.131, CBGa 1.338, Total = 34.978%. This is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with Durban Poison as the Sativa component in both hybrid parents. I prefer Sativa overall but this is a great example of a well executed hybrid, where the effects are blended seamlessly. Durban Poison on its own is a nice stone but a bit crashy, however, in this combination with the Indica parents (Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush), the backside of the experience is mellow with nary a bad effect or hangover. Very nice, well rounded strain, pleasant in looks with cinnamon, orange and hops flavors... and effects that creep and change from high to mellow over hours. 4.7/5.0. Dynamite reefer on my scale.

I rolled this up in a rose and gah dam. My body feels relaxed, my mind feels better, and I’m feeling up beat. Definitely a heavy hitter.

Very good Potent strain if u can find the real WEDDING CAKE... STRAIGHT GAS ⛽🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💯🎯

This strain won best strain of 2019 and I can see why. It is delicious, with a lasting taste of lemons and oranges. Mine was a vape with about 80%THC. Perfect for experienced smokers, but also could win over newbies. After two tokes I felt my stress dissolve and relaxation kick in. It was uplifting in the beginning and then mellowed out into a nice gentle sleepiness. Definitely will want some munchies around. Also, gave me dry/red eyes more than some other strains. It's a well balanced strain that I am certainly getting again.

Fine frosty flower. Almost too pretty to consume. Stimulates appetite and eases anxiety. Pricey by farmx in PA.

got this with some bubblegum also. this was much better...totally relaxing

Wow, great strain. Bounced me back to life again/out of depression, yet also helped me relax!!

awesome srain great for relaxing and pain relief and insomnia! Nice creamy taste on the exhale a little earthy and skunks taste on inhale all around great evening medicine !

Perfect for getting together with your significant other and having some fun. Or not, just chill and take in the calming body and brain relief. One of my favorites for sure

Good strain to wind down on....especially after a long day

Wow, 27 + & 34 % THC. Where is this? Don't say USA. I'm Canada. I need a hi thc strain this just over 20 % stuff is crap. it sure don't seem to be above the 20% + that I keep paying for. I try out all dispensary's for years, so I know. I know cause I was getting a good buzz from 22% from off of tweed, But when i buy say 27% from a dispensary I get no buzz at all like it is only 10% say. It's pretty pathetic when i have actually had a 10/10 ratio % of THC & CBD together and I got a better buzz then the 27% THC I buy all the time. what the heck is that all about? Darn nit I want the right stuff i pay 4. I want the 30 + % THC if anything. Now where do I buy that in Canada? I also prefer the sativa's or at least sativa hybrid. I just purchased 7 grams of shatter of the WC strain, Now to wait for it to arrive maybe by Monday. I also just buy shake now as well, it's all the same old anyway right? Either way it can't be bad. Thanks a bud.

It wasn't good until after about 23 minutes and about 16.3 seconds did I start to feel pain relief and stress relief took away my small headache away. I feel euphoric and relaxes and ready to sleep. Took only a single vape hit. Could have took another however this is a nice hit and quit strain. The flavors are sweet spicy herbal earthy sweet with hints of vanilla. surprised this is called wedding cake taste more like some sort of spicy sweet vegan desert. I like this strain. The strain irated at 17.34% THC and 0% CBD

This strain is excellent gave me heavy eyelids with numbness around cheekbones. Pain relief and stress relief and took away my small headache away. I feel euphoric and relaxes and ready to sleep. Took only a single vape hit. Could have took another however this is a nice hit it and quit it strain. The flavors are sweet spicy herbal earthy sweet with hints of vanilla. Surprised this is called wedding cake taste more like some sort of spicy sweet vegan desert. I like this strain. The strain rated at 17.34% THC 0% CBD.

Threat for myself for bedtime loved the way I sunk in bed

All I can say is wow! Obtained WC at 34% potency and for me a moderate user, a couple tokes and I’m pretty well set for the day. Extremely tasty and calming. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a heavy head and body effect.

This is one of my most favorite strains at the moment. The smell of this flower is sweet and pungent. Smells good enough to eat. Grabbed some from my local dispensary that tested at 27.5% THCa. The buds of this stuff are very dense and share many of the same noticeable characteristics as GSC which is not surprising considering it's parentage. I primarily like a straight 50-50 hybrid and this strain is almost right there for me. If I smoke a bit too much I tend to get tired off of this strain quickly so I can tell it definitely leans towards the indica side some. This strain helps put me in a great mood and it also really helps out with my appetite (lack of appetite)! I definitely will be keeping my eye out at my local dispensary for this strain from now on.

I Love Wedding Cake, perfect anytime for relieving pain and stress and taste absolutely amazing.

Wedding cake is a great strain. I like to use it at night due to how relax I become and can fall right to sleep with it. The taste while smoked is fruity and earthy. Strong fruit aroma along with another scent of potency. Great strain

Really a good mix, potent taste, smell, and euphoric high. Everyone I know loves it!!...

Top 3 bud I’ve smoked 2019-2020 Prob my new personal fav always grabbing it if it’s around

I have just gotten my first LB of Wedding Cake and I'm both blown away by the fabulous taste of Cherry Kirsh, the liquid and of CSK also that this is an atypical jubilant sativa high which aids creativity positive outlook and very Euphoric. I will be keeping this strain in stock.

A true one-hit wonder, 'nuff said! Very well balanced strain overall, definitely indica leaning for me but there is also a very cerebral stone that feels somewhat more like a sativa. The stone is strong with this one for sure, haven't felt this stoned in a WHILE, and I've had at least 30 different strains over last year and this one is stoney-baloney, so beware! Take it slow with this girl, take a couple of hits and see how you feel, it's a creeper, and the strong cerebral effects can bring on a bit of anxiety if taken in lager doses (the only downside to this strain for me). FYI the genetic for Wedding Birthday Cake are (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints), the (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies) genetic belong to Birthday Cake, and yes, those two ARE different strains, however a lot of dispensaries, growers, etc use the two strain names interchangeably so there's confusion on the genetics sometimes. Happy toking! ;)

The first time I bought this strain it was amazing fell in love 🥰 with it. Second time around it was not the same was different looked different the taste and smell was different but was good Quality and tasted good and got me high. Was just saying idk If it’s the grower or the way it was cured. I wanna buy it but I’m hesitant this time around.

Very glad I tried it!! Excellent strain! Can feel both the Indica and Sativa sides of this hybrid!!

Damn!!!! Jumped up and took me for a ride

First time we've tried wedding cake and we love it great head change and mood booster. Works well for anxiety and Bipolar II symptoms as well

With my case, THC content over 35 percent !!! Very nice head. Zot

This is my first time trying birthday cake and the phenotype that I got tasted like OG lemon very nice don't hear anybody here saying much about their phenotypes tasting like lemons but this one did the high was amazing psychedelic and energizing but if you smoke enough it will knock ass out just to wake up refreshed to do it again LOL all in all loved it

It's a perfect balance of cookie sweetness & the tanginess of cherry pie. Extremely tasty. The mood is chill: a balance of euphoria and hunger and happiness. A must try!

I mixed wedding cake and zkittles in a salad Holy shit higher Then a space station..

Awesome powerful smoke . . Nice balance & long lasting 😎

My rating is in regards of the sleeping aid. I wouldn’t recommend specifically for sleep. Better for daytime use or with friends. I remained pretty alert until after I had smoked twice the amount I use with other strains like Romulan (the best recently), Lindsay, Blue Dream and more that I don’t know the name. Other than that it

Very good bud 🔥

Does exactly what you would want from an indica...I’m shlumped💯

It has a good taste to it if you have clean equipment. It has a high thc % but seems like it’s much lower

Best tasting medicine to date (via Extreme Q Desktop Vape). Gorgeous nugs, frosty, and yes it's Indica dominant in the best way imaginable. 2 thumbs all the eff the way up, A++

Excellent smoke. Can be scarce, but now life is grand. The taste is very good. Thc on what I have now is 33.44% so ......Happy Smokin!!! Mellow and tasty. Very sticky buds.

Very tasty bud. Sweet on exhale, made my nose hairs tingle a little bit. Want more already. Would definitely get this again. Already one on my favorites

Really good for indica dominat strain I usually like sativas, but I like this....😎

Top favorite strain. Super potent and covered in crystals throughout. Was sad when i ran out. Helps with sleep and body aches.

this cured my applechian mountains disease i swear by it

I prefer this over the actual wedding cake which does not say that much as I had cheese cakes at my wedding anyway. I may be too high to write a review. But I am grateful for this strain as it helps both with fibromyalgia, and depression and many other medical conditions.

Sweet taste, and decent enough effects to make you say, more, please.

I'm strictly a recreational user, so my review will go accordingly. As far as getting stoned, this strain is barely mediocre, at best. It tastes real nice, but that's about the extent of the pleasantry. I don't experience the 'body' high that everyone loves so much, so for me, it's just a plain old buzz that leaves me wanting a booster after only about an hour.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.... wish I could share a photo. 💙💙💙 #Massachusetts

This strain is super potent! A must try for the indica lover! I suffer from insomnia and this puts me to sleep!!!!

this is an indica I believe its like 80/20 or 90/10 indica/sativa ............kick ass herbs

Should be 6 stars. This delight of a hybrid tastes as great as the effects are. Very calming, chill, and happy strain. Although I found it to be sedating you can totally take it the other way and be social, do some stuff around the yard, etc. If one could describe the best situation to have this, grilling up some fat steaks and enjoying a fire with friends or camping would really make you smile. Don't fish on it lol, sativa - sided hybrids would be better for that

Hell yes. This is a well balanced hybrid for me - good wake & bake on lighter amount, take a couple more tokes in the evening & it's a blast!! Will get you nicely comfortable and very happy & giggly too. I watched "F Is For Family" with an evening dose when I tried it, couldn't stop laughing 😂 Very smooth smoke, very tasty, esp if you are a fan of the cookie & cake strains (I am) and nicely potent here in MD too. Excellent hybrid choice if you can only afford one type of cartridge or just want to try a bit of something new. Fantastic high, all around treat.

2018 top 10 for sure! Its a smooth and sweet ride when i light mines👽🎂🔥🍃

A good sativa high yet it tasted very similar to Girl Scout Cookies with a hint of sweetness. I tend to like pungent marijuana no matter what strain and this one failed the smell test in my opinion. Aside from the descent taste and very little odor I smoked it and it feels like a couch lock cerebral head high mix.

Tastes very sweet, with a slight peppery kick at the end. A must try for Indica lovers. Not too bad on cotton mouth but does dry the eyes quite a bit. Best in a vanilla blunt, cone or wrap.

AKA Pink Cookies this strain is worth enjoying when you come across it. Buds are amazing. Dense, dark green & dark purple in color & are covered in bright dark orange pistils with crystal trichomes. Scent & flavor was interesting kind of a sweet & spicy. Effects made me happy & euphoric followed by relaxation without being sleepy unless i over smoked or it was the end of the day. Indica dominate with 18% THC. Peace ecaeP

Got me stoned but I found it had a strange taste

Massive couch lock. This is a good strain if you're sick, hungover or feeling super lazy. Good choice for a rainy weekend of watching movies and napping.

Definitely one of the best strains I've tried! If u get the chance its amazing!

Love this strain!!! Very hard to find!! How can one get this without medical card. Have an appointment in a few weeks for card

I have done some research on this strain and it is a home run of a strain. It has won some awards including #2 at the Michigan cannabis cup.The only thing I was wondering is that the original Wedding Cake is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. So is this a different strain or was the genetics listed wrong.

This strain is absolutely wild. It has strong psychedelic effects and a deliciously sweet taste. Easily one of my favorites

My favorite!! Its a great strain!

By far my fav! Works perfectly for my anxiety and i love love LOVE the taste and aroma!

Love it , this strain has it all

One of my favorite strains!! Tatse is super fruity with a hint of the og!! Strong couch lock indica

Made your girl put out right after the joint 😆

Wedding cake is animal mints (animal cookies x thin mints) x triangle kush bred by seed junky genetics and made popular by jungle boys testing at 31.5% the one of my top 5 strains so far - dekovicious661

No birthday cake is gsc X cherry pie. Wedding cake is triangle mints X Animals mints.

Wedding Cake is the name of a Cherry Pie/GSC cross but it's also a cut the Jungle Boys tagged to a pheno of Triangle Mints, the #3 pheno to be exact that Justblazen the breeder at SeedJunky Seeds selected and gifted to them.

My man did not hesitate when I asked to get some help,with going to sleep. A puff and I knew I had been righteously treated. Tasty all the way to the end, and it works as advertised.

Wedding cake is both a pink pantys pheno and triangle kush x animal mints bred by seed junky genetics and cannarado

Awesome, head and the taste is this bud.....

Helps me sleep and has absolutely helped my pain especially tooth pain. When it hits a night taking a good toke sends me right back to sleep. It's a nice fluffy weed burns great, tastes great and smells great. It's the first strain I have tried in almost ten years so was a great re-beginning weed as well.

Wedding Cake aka Birthday Cake aka Pink Cookies, is in fact Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie.

I really love this strain so far. I suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia and a lot of physical pain but this definitely helps me. I feel no pain, I go to bed on time (most the time) lol and I'm happy even when I'm not smoking it at the moment. Also I love the taste.

it is cherry pie x girl scout cookies and its amazing.

This strain is not cookies x cherry pie. You guys need to get your facts straight. Wedding cakes is cross between cherry pie (f1 x Durban x grand daddy purp) x OG kush.

It's a nice calm buzz. Smoke too much and your out nicely.

It's very taste and very smooth also 🔥👍🏼👌🏽

This is a real good body relaxer. Luv it make me sleep lik a bby. S/O my migos


Smells great,taste pretty good I think I found my personal favorite buy again and again and never get tired of.

It was like a really good party in my mouth.

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