Wedding Cake Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 25%

Wedding Cake is a hybrid with indica-dominance. It is attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavour. The taste is a perfect combination of sweetness of cookies and fruitiness of a cherry pie. It works as a calming agent and appetite stimulator, and is quite helpful for patients who experience regular depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, MS and other such related symptoms. It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms. Although it might not completely hamper your focus and energy levels, it will cause the usual drying out of eyes and mouth. This particular medical marijuana is grown indoors. It is observed to contain a THC level of 25%. In terms of physical features, it is shaped like pine trees and looks dense in its structural form. It is quite frosty looking and has dark green leaves. This particular medical marijuana is also thickly dressed up with orange hair all over it. It is most generally known for its sugary taste, as well as high potency value.
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Wedding cake is a great strain. I like to use it at night due to how relax I become and can fall right to sleep with it. The taste while smoked is fruity and earthy. Strong fruit aroma along with another scent of potency. Great strain

Really a good mix, potent taste, smell, and euphoric high. Everyone I know loves it!!...

Top 3 bud I’ve smoked 2019-2020 Prob my new personal fav always grabbing it if it’s around

I have just gotten my first LB of Wedding Cake and I'm both blown away by the fabulous taste of Cherry Kirsh, the liquid and of CSK also that this is an atypical jubilant sativa high which aids creativity positive outlook and very Euphoric. I will be keeping this strain in stock.

ahh Wedding cake, as a big fan of the cookies family, how I was going to miss something so famous and popular like this? wedding cake tastes for real, like a vanilla dessert. I was impressed by the taste the first time I got my stash refilled with this strain. but wait, not only that, the smell. this flower smells like, beautiful, I really wanted to live inside my bottle of weed. a very citrus smell can be found every time i was digging my bottle. anyways i was very curious to find out what was the real treat about this and oh boi i found it. the buds have a very classical Sativa form, small buds but with small dense flowers, being his indica side. the colors are this beautiful green with orange fingers. of course all covered with crystals, a very feast for the eyes. the best part, of course, the effects. an intense high came down my head, leaving me couch-locked and euphoric, giggly and happy. youll receive a very intense and balanced high. leaving you stoned and euphoric. what can I say, you are going to blast with this one. it has the looks, the smells, the flavor, and the effects are a 10 out of 10. definitely try this strain if you have the chance.

A true one-hit wonder, 'nuff said! Very well balanced strain overall, definitely indica leaning for me but there is also a very cerebral stone that feels somewhat more like a sativa. The stone is strong with this one for sure, haven't felt this stoned in a WHILE, and I've had at least 30 different strains over last year and this one is stoney-baloney, so beware! Take it slow with this girl, take a couple of hits and see how you feel, it's a creeper, and the strong cerebral effects can bring on a bit of anxiety if taken in lager doses (the only downside to this strain for me). FYI the genetic for Wedding Birthday Cake are (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints), the (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies) genetic belong to Birthday Cake, and yes, those two ARE different strains, however a lot of dispensaries, growers, etc use the two strain names interchangeably so there's confusion on the genetics sometimes. Happy toking! ;)

The first time I bought this strain it was amazing fell in love 🥰 with it. Second time around it was not the same was different looked different the taste and smell was different but was good Quality and tasted good and got me high. Was just saying idk If it’s the grower or the way it was cured. I wanna buy it but I’m hesitant this time around.

Very glad I tried it!! Excellent strain! Can feel both the Indica and Sativa sides of this hybrid!!

Damn!!!! Jumped up and took me for a ride

First time we've tried wedding cake and we love it great head change and mood booster. Works well for anxiety and Bipolar II symptoms as well

With my case, THC content over 35 percent !!! Very nice head. Zot

This is my first time trying birthday cake and the phenotype that I got tasted like OG lemon very nice don't hear anybody here saying much about their phenotypes tasting like lemons but this one did the high was amazing psychedelic and energizing but if you smoke enough it will knock ass out just to wake up refreshed to do it again LOL all in all loved it

It's a perfect balance of cookie sweetness & the tanginess of cherry pie. Extremely tasty. The mood is chill: a balance of euphoria and hunger and happiness. A must try!

I mixed wedding cake and zkittles in a salad Holy shit higher Then a space station..

Awesome powerful smoke . . Nice balance & long lasting 😎

My rating is in regards of the sleeping aid. I wouldn’t recommend specifically for sleep. Better for daytime use or with friends. I remained pretty alert until after I had smoked twice the amount I use with other strains like Romulan (the best recently), Lindsay, Blue Dream and more that I don’t know the name. Other than that it

Very good bud 🔥

Does exactly what you would want from an indica...I’m shlumped💯

It has a good taste to it if you have clean equipment. It has a high thc % but seems like it’s much lower

Best tasting medicine to date (via Extreme Q Desktop Vape). Gorgeous nugs, frosty, and yes it's Indica dominant in the best way imaginable. 2 thumbs all the eff the way up, A++

Excellent smoke. Can be scarce, but now life is grand. The taste is very good. Thc on what I have now is 33.44% so ......Happy Smokin!!! Mellow and tasty. Very sticky buds.

Very tasty bud. Sweet on exhale, made my nose hairs tingle a little bit. Want more already. Would definitely get this again. Already one on my favorites

Really good for indica dominat strain I usually like sativas, but I like this....😎

Top favorite strain. Super potent and covered in crystals throughout. Was sad when i ran out. Helps with sleep and body aches.

this cured my applechian mountains disease i swear by it

I prefer this over the actual wedding cake which does not say that much as I had cheese cakes at my wedding anyway. I may be too high to write a review. But I am grateful for this strain as it helps both with fibromyalgia, and depression and many other medical conditions.

Sweet taste, and decent enough effects to make you say, more, please.

I'm strictly a recreational user, so my review will go accordingly. As far as getting stoned, this strain is barely mediocre, at best. It tastes real nice, but that's about the extent of the pleasantry. I don't experience the 'body' high that everyone loves so much, so for me, it's just a plain old buzz that leaves me wanting a booster after only about an hour.

this strain was recommended to me and oh boy is this stuff fire! there is alot of quality bud out there then there r the ones that r on a completely different level . well wedding cake is on that stand alone level! FUCKIN AMAZING!!!

Best tasting medicine to date (via Extreme Q Desktop Vape). Gorgeous nugs, frosty, and yes it's Indica dominant in the best way imaginable. 2 thumbs all the eff the way up, A++

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.... wish I could share a photo. 💙💙💙 #Massachusetts

This strain is super potent! A must try for the indica lover! I suffer from insomnia and this puts me to sleep!!!!

this is an indica I believe its like 80/20 or 90/10 indica/sativa ............kick ass herbs

Should be 6 stars. This delight of a hybrid tastes as great as the effects are. Very calming, chill, and happy strain. Although I found it to be sedating you can totally take it the other way and be social, do some stuff around the yard, etc. If one could describe the best situation to have this, grilling up some fat steaks and enjoying a fire with friends or camping would really make you smile. Don't fish on it lol, sativa - sided hybrids would be better for that

Hell yes. This is a well balanced hybrid for me - good wake & bake on lighter amount, take a couple more tokes in the evening & it's a blast!! Will get you nicely comfortable and very happy & giggly too. I watched "F Is For Family" with an evening dose when I tried it, couldn't stop laughing 😂 Very smooth smoke, very tasty, esp if you are a fan of the cookie & cake strains (I am) and nicely potent here in MD too. Excellent hybrid choice if you can only afford one type of cartridge or just want to try a bit of something new. Fantastic high, all around treat.

2018 top 10 for sure! Its a smooth and sweet ride when i light mines👽🎂🔥🍃

A good sativa high yet it tasted very similar to Girl Scout Cookies with a hint of sweetness. I tend to like pungent marijuana no matter what strain and this one failed the smell test in my opinion. Aside from the descent taste and very little odor I smoked it and it feels like a couch lock cerebral head high mix.

Tastes very sweet, with a slight peppery kick at the end. A must try for Indica lovers. Not too bad on cotton mouth but does dry the eyes quite a bit. Best in a vanilla blunt, cone or wrap.

AKA Pink Cookies this strain is worth enjoying when you come across it. Buds are amazing. Dense, dark green & dark purple in color & are covered in bright dark orange pistils with crystal trichomes. Scent & flavor was interesting kind of a sweet & spicy. Effects made me happy & euphoric followed by relaxation without being sleepy unless i over smoked or it was the end of the day. Indica dominate with 18% THC. Peace ecaeP

Got me stoned but I found it had a strange taste

Massive couch lock. This is a good strain if you're sick, hungover or feeling super lazy. Good choice for a rainy weekend of watching movies and napping.

Definitely one of the best strains I've tried! If u get the chance its amazing!

Love this strain!!! Very hard to find!! How can one get this without medical card. Have an appointment in a few weeks for card

I have done some research on this strain and it is a home run of a strain. It has won some awards including #2 at the Michigan cannabis cup.The only thing I was wondering is that the original Wedding Cake is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. So is this a different strain or was the genetics listed wrong.

This strain is absolutely wild. It has strong psychedelic effects and a deliciously sweet taste. Easily one of my favorites

My favorite!! Its a great strain!

By far my fav! Works perfectly for my anxiety and i love love LOVE the taste and aroma!

Love it , this strain has it all

One of my favorite strains!! Tatse is super fruity with a hint of the og!! Strong couch lock indica

Made your girl put out right after the joint 😆

Wedding cake is animal mints (animal cookies x thin mints) x triangle kush bred by seed junky genetics and made popular by jungle boys testing at 31.5% the one of my top 5 strains so far - dekovicious661

No birthday cake is gsc X cherry pie. Wedding cake is triangle mints X Animals mints.

Wedding Cake is the name of a Cherry Pie/GSC cross but it's also a cut the Jungle Boys tagged to a pheno of Triangle Mints, the #3 pheno to be exact that Justblazen the breeder at SeedJunky Seeds selected and gifted to them.

My man did not hesitate when I asked to get some help,with going to sleep. A puff and I knew I had been righteously treated. Tasty all the way to the end, and it works as advertised.

Wedding cake is both a pink pantys pheno and triangle kush x animal mints bred by seed junky genetics and cannarado

Awesome, head and the taste is this bud.....

Helps me sleep and has absolutely helped my pain especially tooth pain. When it hits a night taking a good toke sends me right back to sleep. It's a nice fluffy weed burns great, tastes great and smells great. It's the first strain I have tried in almost ten years so was a great re-beginning weed as well.

Wedding Cake aka Birthday Cake aka Pink Cookies, is in fact Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie.

I really love this strain so far. I suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia and a lot of physical pain but this definitely helps me. I feel no pain, I go to bed on time (most the time) lol and I'm happy even when I'm not smoking it at the moment. Also I love the taste.

it is cherry pie x girl scout cookies and its amazing.

This strain is not cookies x cherry pie. You guys need to get your facts straight. Wedding cakes is cross between cherry pie (f1 x Durban x grand daddy purp) x OG kush.

It's a nice calm buzz. Smoke too much and your out nicely.

It's very taste and very smooth also 🔥👍🏼👌🏽

This is a real good body relaxer. Luv it make me sleep lik a bby. S/O my migos


Smells great,taste pretty good I think I found my personal favorite buy again and again and never get tired of.

It was like a really good party in my mouth.