Wild Zombie Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

You may not actually be a zombie like in the hit show, The Walking Dead, but the Wild Zombie strain could very well put you on that level. This potent indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) offers a 16-18% THC level and a slow-onset, long lasting high. The genetics of this strain are kept under wraps by the creators, although users agree that it is probably a Zombie OG phenotype. The Wild Zombie bud has a crystal-coated minty green body that's insanely dense and woven with long orange hairs and decked with purple undertones. This bud is just as wild to look at as it is to smoke! Users typically feel a sensation of full body relief and euphoria accompanied with a sense of tranquility and calm focus. This strain is ideal for treating stress, migraines, tension headaches and chronic pain due to prolonged illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. But be careful – too much of the Wild Zombie and you'll be couch-locked, lethargic , and a living zombie for the rest of the day!
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Yes Mr. Max gets this creation credit. This has and always will be my Rose's favorite strain to grow. Ever. High yields, a few different phenotypes, and the best cannabis strain I have ever grown or smoked. I can honestly recommend this coveted strain if you ever get the privlege to indulge in the best medical cannabis strain for ailments. Period. By far the best strain created to date. Many may try to beat these unknown genetics, but highly unlikely. VTLM

Really want to try this strain from Dr. Mad Max Bortnick!

I finally attained this rare strain withbthe origanal mom that was the Zombie Og.

The taste is phenomenal, also 19.95% here

My brother came across A clone of this strain at the Old Mt Hood Wellness Center We grew this strain once indoor And for the second time outdoor We love the growth structure resin Production and also the smoke of it Thanks max!

The man has spoke his self the man who is the CEO an creator of this awesome strain good job brutha one love PPP VTLM

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