Afghan Bullrider Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 15% - 21%, CBD: 2%

Afghan Bullrider, also more commonly known as “Afghani Bullrider,” is a 100% indica hybrid strain that is said to have been created by a professional bullrider in San Diego, CA as a descendant of the infamous Afghani Landrace strain. The Afghan Bullrider high hits you hard with a THC level between 15-21% on average and a CBD level of 1-2%. This high can be almost overpowering to some, with an immediate uplifted head high that's dizzyingly introspective. This head high fades slowly into a relaxing body buzz that leaves you couch-locked and utterly sedated. Because of these powerful effects, Afghan Bullrider is said to be perfect for treating chronic pain, nausea, depression, and migraines or tension headaches. Like its supposed parent, Afghan Bullrider has a sweet and fruity flavor of berries topped with honey and a tinge of earth. The aroma is very sour with a sweet hint of hash to it that is mild and almost unnoticeable unless you know what you're looking for. Afghan Bullrider buds have super dense and tight small light minty green nugs with sparse fiery orange hairs, dark olive green leaves, and a thick coating of chunky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.
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Great strain(top 3 for me)for chronic pain and insomnia. Not for noobs.

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