Afghan Purple Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 15% - 21%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Afghan Purple Kush is the offspring of Afghan Kush and Purple Kush, both pure indicas. That means Afghan Purple Kush has a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 0:100. THC can be quite concentrated in this strain, with maximum levels exceeding 21%. CBD contents, meanwhile, are much lower than 1%, so this strain shouldn't be used to treat epilepsy or other conditions that require CBD. The body high is deeply calming and relaxing, and can be helpful in treating anxiety, muscle spasms, and pain. Afghan Purple Kush tastes like pine, with a strong woody flavor. It smells earthy and fragrant, like pine needles. Side effects aren't widely reported, but dry mouth is typically the most likely, along with dry eyes and paranoia. Despite its popular heritage, this strain is relatively obscure. It may occasionally appear on the black market, but is more likely found on the legal medical market in California. Its lack of popularity belies its potency, which can be enough to knock back even experienced users. Patients looking for an intense body high should give this strain a try, if they can find it.
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Ct medical name is Ghanica and this batch was 18% THC but still knocked me on my ass ! Strong body buzz comes on fast followed by a stony feel between the temples and if you like that effect try its parent Afghan strain. like the body buzz, try purple kush and both are among the most powerful stains I have had and grown, in fact I seldom use unless a complete ass kicking is in order and I don't have to get up early. Afghan purp kush seems a little tamed compared to its parents but will still kill pain and give a good sleep

Picked some of this up yesterday on a lark. I’ve been smoking Hindu Kush for Insomnia and it works great. Smoked some of this last night and man I slept like a baby. My body relaxed and I drifted off to sleep. Tastes very good, a slight fruity flavor, and the smoke is not very harsh, which I like. All in all an excellent strain.

I was lucky enough to come across true AAAA purple kush most people I showed my pictures to swear its photoshoped or spray painted. This particular strain taste just like it looks. The way it looks is something to behold in itself only covered with solid green hairs on only about 20% of the bud as the remaining 80 is smothered with an abundance of purple hairs so thick you have to see it to truly grasp the eye snatching unique beauty of this strain. A pure pure Indica the godchild of teo powerhouse parent strains in hindy kush x purple afghani these nugs are also blanketed with an impressive blanket of trychomes. very nice potent aroma will overwhelm the whole room when the bag is opened with that distinctive Kush cologne. Along with a grape taste like no other with a smooth exhale not harsh at all this particular batch is 30% THC by far one of the best flowers I've ever smoked I recommend it to anybody that is a true indicia lover

Absolutely knock-out strain, not so fast hitting but when you start ascending you won't come down for hours, a rare lady that'll grip the hand and shatter levels.

Purple Kush is a potent blend of Hindu and Afghani Indica pot. It was created in Oakland California. Purple Kush boasts 100 % Indica genetics and provides a very relaxing, sedating, stoned high. It has a moderate to high amount of thc at 17 to 27%.

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