Chocolate Chunk Marijuana Strain


This particular strain sounds quite sweet and creamy. It sounds pleasing because a chocolate chunk is something that very few people would be able to turn down. It is an A quality and is 100% indica. In looks it resembles small, dense buds which are different shades of green with large bundle of trichrome. The smell of Chocolate chunk tends to be very musky and earthy. It gives off a natural, mountain peak like smell which makes the house smell outdoorsy. Up close it might smell a bit pungent, but apart from that it has quite a chocolaty aroma. It is perfect for lazy days as it allows you to relax and lay back. It is quite a powerful strain meaning you don't have to take a lot of chocolate chunk to get high.
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Solid 9.5 out of 10. So, in oil form... no chocolate. but definitely a body heavy indica. Actually better than some serious crosses with big names. It feels like a full on indica for sure. Insomnia should disappear. They should make this into pill form it would be the best sleep aid on the planet. I'm waiting for my ankle to feel better and with every minute some pain melts away. This strain is right up there caramel candy kush ... similar effects and very potent SOMEBODY PLEASE BREED THOSE TWO PLEASE PLEASE

Another one good for chronic pain from Arthritis inflammation.

Great strain for the end of a long day. Great for stress and anxiety, muscle relaxing effect

Looked great smelled great was great. Just too much sleepy indica for me

My favorite strain of flower so far. A pleasant taste and a strong potency. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for something powerful.

very tasty and very fire

Great for relaxing, easing anxiety, and insomnia. Slight munchies as well

Don't know why it's called chocolate chunk. It's really more like muddy coffee flavored than anything, but oh well. This bud made me so hungry but sooo sleepy, too. I was too relaxed to really do anything and had to beg some snacks off of one of my buddies. Great for pain and anxiety, too.

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Orgrow Strain: Chocolate Chunk Indica -- Potency Analysis: TTL 21.5% THC 20.40% CBD 0.27% -- Cost: $15/gram -- The smell is very pungent. It's that rich, swampy kind of smell. It gets deep into your sinuses and dances around back there. There's a dank, heavy sweetness in the earthiness. -- Smoking it is a different beast entirely - this is sharply sour. The smoke is relatively thin and expansive. It's also very hot smoke and intense. This was tough. -- The high was incredible and came on fast. Every muscle relaxed and all my aches eased or disappeared entirely. Very long, relaxing, sleepy legs on this. -- Overall, the only chocolate is in the smell (kind of, earthy and sweet. That's chocolate right?). The smoke is harsh and hot, and it only got worse as the bowl went on. But the high is absolutely worth it - it's quite the medicinal experience.

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