G Stik "Violeta" Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 16% - 19%

This purely indica blend is pre-roll crown of G Farma Lab's royal collection. True to its name, G Stik "Violeta", but also known as "Violeta", comes with all hallmarks of purple color including royalty, class, exclusivity, mystery, magic, and arrogance. It is a cerebral stroke strain which takes your mind on a fantastical voyage of high standards and upgraded imagination. This 100% pre-rolled cannabis flower indica blend is known for its flavorful aroma and impulsive strength. G Stik "Violeta" elevates the ideals and stimulates the imagination to empower your social, cultural and professional presence. It is considered the most complex indica blend; the one and only choice of adult marijuana smokers who want the very best. Loosen up your nerves, relax back, breathe in the goodness of G Stik "Violeta", and enjoy boosted productivity and quick delivery with your better-than-machine speed. Rolled in black or white paper, G Stik "Violeta" puts strength and energy on fire and blows off all records of personal or professional performance. This energy booster reveals new roads to mystery, adventure and success and is the perfect choice for the 'smoke light, work tight' mantra.
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