R1 Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain


THC: 1%

R1 Bubba Kush is a 100% pure indica strain created by breeders at the Chronic Pain Management Center in San Bernardino, California as a dank mix between the insanely potent The Pit X Crippled Rhino strains with an average THC level of 15-19%. The R1 Bubba Kush has grape shaped minty green nugs with sparse patches of forest green and dusty green and a spattering of dark rich red hairs. These nugs are leafy with thick layers of large white crystal trichomes and sweet syrupy resin. R1 Bubba Kush has a memorable aroma of fresh white wine with a hint of crisp pine and a taste of white wine with a sweet finish. Users describe the R1 Bubba Kush high as having a fast onset rush of a giddy drifting sensation that is almost like you're drunk. A heavy indica feeling will creep in as the high continues and glue you to wherever you are sitting with an almost overwhelming couch-lock. Although R1 Bubba Kush is slightly sedative and causes couch melt, this strain will not put you to sleep. Due to these potent effects, R1 Bubba Kush is an ideal strain for treating chronic pain, nausea, muscle injuries, and PTSD.
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I really like the strain. One of my favorites!

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