Casey Jones Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 22%

This highly potent sativa (80:20 sativa/indica ratio) was named after a train engineer, of all people. On a foggy Mississippi night in 1900, Casey Jones prevented a massive catastrophe by stopping his passenger train in the nick of time; he was killed in the act. This is hardly the first time Jones has been honored as a cult hero; there are songs in his name and a character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Appropriately, Casey Jones the weed works with dramatic effect. Reaching THC levels of 22%, it's highly potent, and its sativa genes create a strong, energetic head high that spurs creativity – and maybe a little daring. The taste is citrusy and sweet, with earthy undertones. Casey Jones is best for anxiety and depression, as it provides a powerful mood boost. It's also helpful in treating pain and low energy. As with many other strains, the most common adverse effects are cottonmouth and red eyes. Casey Jones, a cross between Oriental Express and East Coast Sour Diesel, is most popular in Amsterdam, Michigan, and the West Coast.
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First off, an elevation of my mood, a little bit of rejuvenation to my body, and even my thoughts, I noticed quickly while smoking CJ. I was feeling a little sluggish before I smoked this strain. No more. The taste has some earthiness to it, but mostly that sweet citrus taste. If you're fond of sativas I would recommend trying CJ. Smoke this pot.

I got an eighth of Casey Jones and it kicks some serious backside. I felt very refreshed taking a puff of this light green, fuzzy bud and got notes of tangerine, citrus and even a bit of watermelon. I highly recommend Casey Jones as a daytime strain to inspire creativity and socialization.

I didn't have the pleasure of growing her, but I bought a half oz of 'b' buds and squished it. What a sweet strain. Sweet as in sugar sweet. It came out of the press as foam mostly it was so sugary. Then I burned it 1 time and it turned Into beautiful thick amber plastic. For a low-level thc strain, I was very satisfied. Ty

This strain is phenomenal,...all sativa fanatics MUST TRY this! Grade A+!

I have moderate depression and anxiety, and love sativa's, but this one made me anxious. I can take most sativa's, but not this one. The smell was bad too.

Best strain i ever smoked! The taste is so sweet and full of surpises! Buy on site

Great wake and babe Sativa. The Agent Orange wasn’t that great. It’s very smooth with not a big taste but an absolutely amazing body high you expect from a Sativa.

Great at soothing the frazzled mind and nerves at the end of the days work. Interesting unique taste, like licorice and cloves; don’t quote me on this but I didn’t notice anything citrus, blue, or purple in this strain. I’d buy this again, I would get at least an ounce if the price was right. This was for sale at the downtown dispensary by the university of Arizona,I was only able to get a few grams at the time on a generous first time patient discount. Thanks downtown dispensary!!

Purchased at Thrive disp. Anna il. From Wellness Group Pharms. I was hesitant to buy, do to previous purchase from WGP. Casey Jones : uplifting, focused, happy, a good feel good and enjoy the day smoke. Way to go Wellness, the last 3, Chocolope ( 👍 👍 👍) , Casey Jones ( 👍 👍 ) .

Just finished some such a great sativa high. Smooth,citrusy taste You've hit it again UM420 good job.

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