Dragon Lady Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 14% - 18%

Dragon Lady is a popular strain among those who have tried it, but there aren't all that many of them. It's a combo of Blue Dragon and Flo, both sativa dominant hybrids. Despite the name, THC levels are lower than in most other legal-market strains, but the high is relatively long-lasting, and it promotes creativity. Exact THC numbers are unknown, though Flo reaches top THC levels of just 14-18%. Dragon Lady has a strong plant aroma, with notes of musk and spice. It tastes earthy, sweet, and fresh. The high is relaxing, fueled by the plant's sativa genes, but also slightly cerebral. Expect a mood boost and a mild feeling of euphoria. Dragon Lady is best used for depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain. Its calming effects can also be helpful with problems falling asleep. The sativa genes, meanwhile, provide a pleasant cerebral effect that clears the mind. Possible adverse effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, while other problems are more rare. Dragon Lady can be found in California, though even there few dispensaries stock it.
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Totally great for an uplifting high. Stayed productive but also flyin pretty high. 🐲

This bud is the best I've ever smoked. 2x better than any. I'm not a pot snob but i like getting f'd up. This pot staraight f's me up! Allelujah!

Dragon Lady is a beautiful looking and smelling strain and it works too.Mellow but a goofy high to me since Im fairly new to Sativa strains certain effects can be overwhelming. A hybrid and perfect specimen for me to experiment with due to the quite low adverse effects It caused. No anxiety or bouncing off the walls. I would have given the strain a higher rating but I felt it lacked in frosty tricomes I've come to love

Love the DragonLady! My wife has a dose or two in the morning and "gets stuff done". It doesn't give me quite the same 'get er done' energy but I find it smooth and tasty with a sweet, overipe flavor and it doesn't zone me out. Gives me a good energetic and creative buzz that seems to last several hours! There must be at least a couple of strains around because the first two sacks were as described above but the last sack, although still good, was definitely more musty tasting and lacked the energetic buzz of the first two. We scored a seed in the very first sack and it germinated female so I I cloned it 4 times and getting ready to flower the clones. The mother smells amazing and isn't even flowering!

Very good! Especially fun with 1st person RPG games!

Very strong like train wreck I enjoy so far it’s living up to its name. So far I’m one one hit I’m good on this. Any other takes few rips. Not this one I believe one and done let it ride then take another if you feel need.

Just tried this strain for the first time, very relaxing and last for a couple of hours without being overpowering. Taste really good 👌 great for stress and anxiety.

Love it!!!! I enjoy the flavor, the aroma, and the taste of this strain! And the effects were amazing!

I had a TBI and have PTSD and take meds for all of the things it is best used for. It works for me..

Dragon Lady from Trinity Mountain Gardens, I can vouch for them... Sweet and dry and mellow with an clean smoke. Not a lot of fast burn... And taste great going down your throat and no after burn if you use clean and filtered apparatus. Papers use organic ...no tar leaf burn. Use in click n vape. Find them in dispensaries when doing demo and get the 2grams with an 3.5g San Jose Area

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