Flo Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 14% - 17%

Flo is the distinctive variation of a hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This has been rated #1 in the 'Cannabis Cup' of the year 1996. This strain was created by crossing Purple Thai with Afghani Indica. This medical marijuana strain got its nickname for its remarkable ability to harvest numerous times. Also, this strain is considered to be one among the high yielding plants. The sativa/indica ratio of this strain is found to be 60:40. The THC levels of this strain have been calculated up to 14%, while the CBD is 0.26%. This strain appears to be pear-shaped with a huge number of purple-colored calyxes. The aroma produced by this strain will be sweet and sour like that is being produced from a lemon. This would taste light as well as lemony without any souring and the flavor would be more or less like a lemon drop. This has been found to be an effective alternative therapy for the conditions like pain, anxiety disorders, stress disorders, muscle spasms, loss of appetite and insomnia. This does not mean that the strain can be effective in treating the aforementioned conditions only. The effects of Flo are indicated as mild and energetic.
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This is a nice strain for anyting that ails you. It's indica effects are almost immediatly apprant as it relaxes your body allowing you to feel comfortable. The Sativa calms the mind and frees you of anxiety and stress leaving you uplifted and happy.

I highly recommend for medical patients!! Flo helps whatever ails me while lifting my state of mind to a euphoric place. Great for my pain and my overall mood. Just a few puffs is all it takes for a gentle happy wave to come on. Daytime or evening couch time it’s my favorite all around strain right now. Great medicinally or if I just want to feel uplifted. No need to go heavy - there’s a sweet spot for me and it doesn’t take a lot, go low and slow with this one- it will be worth it!

My fiance had it years ago and talks about it often. But no idea where to find it, yet??? (Suggestions?) Really want to have this one back in our house!

Works well with anxiety, anxiety neurosis and depression. It is by far, the best med for my ailments.

Smiles coming and not stopping until it hurts. She's a whisper of citrus on vanilla ice cream. Has a good beat and easy to dance to. Not a thing can go wrong. I fear no power. Not for Thursday night golfers or poker players. He seeks no victory. Cousy..

This is a lovely strain. This was one of the first I tried as a novice, needing MMJ to replace NSAIDs that were destroying my GI tract. I made cannabutter with this strain, it doesn't have a "head high" as such - but it's very uplifting generally. It's gentle. I don't get the "hotspots under my skull" feeling like I get with some more indica-dominant strains. I use this primarily for autoimmune arthritis. I have found it useful in combating Seasonal Affective Disorder also. It doesn't yield a creative boost but it's REALLY good for focus. Like clean the whole house focus. Of note: One drawback I found with this strain, is that it has a tendency to give one some weed chills. If you are using this strain, & have Raynaud's or similar situation where you are prone to getting cold digits, even indoors, shoot for a lower dose than recommended to start with, and pay attention to how you're feeling. For me, the chills generally hit within minutes of the "mood lift" kicking in - this is consuming as an edible, not smoke. In all, excellent beginner strain for anyone looking for inflammation control &/or gentle mood enhancement but still needs to focus on the task at hand. Bundle up if you're prone to weed chills. Caffeine will enhance the negative effects of this strain, so go canny if you're making it into weed sugar for tea/coffee.

Great uplifting strain that helps with focus.

Picked up 7 grams of the Flo the other day at my local Dispensary. Was quite happy with this particular batch, Trichomes inside and out. A little heady ,overall a fantastic smoke.

The smoke was smooth. It didn't hit particularly hard. I only took two hits as I'm somewhat a lightweight. The taste was pleasant, as you'd expect from buds with such a pronounced sweet smell. The high came on pretty quickly but not so quick that it was surprising. It was a smooth transition into the euphoric, mostly body high that ensued. I was able to maintain mental focus. The next hour plus was spend very relaxed, without any anxiety/paranoia. This is definitely a product I would keep on hand.

Very potent strain I'm pretty high and my eyes are red lol pretty good for a sativa

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