East Coast Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 19% - 22%

An intense sativa dominant hybrid, East Coast Sour Diesel is known for its quick mood lifting ability. This potent strain has a THC content of 19.7%, making it ideal for those who need an energy rush and a strong body buzz. ECSD is great for new growers as it is easy to plant, has a flowering period of about 75 – 80 days and yields well. The pungent strain is quick to sink in and the cerebral effects can be seen within seconds. ECSD is a great remedy to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, PTSD, loss of appetite and pain. In a few moments of smoking this marijuana strain, you will experience an extreme body-rush that will leave you euphoric, edgy and stoned for hours. ECSD has a pungent diesel like scent. The flavor is a delicious blend of spicy and sweet and is reminiscent of burning wood, pine and wood varnish, leaving behind a lingering lemon aftertaste. New users should start with small doses as this strain is known to hit strongly and quickly. Veteran users can enjoy ECSD to their hearts' content as they will be able to handle its effects well.
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Delicious gasoline and white grape taste imo. Really mood lifting and sweet for getting things done around the house, especially with music. Great sativa. Wonderful pain relief for daytime use.

2 hits, quick reaction, nice taste

Wow, really liking this one, first sour d cross that actually is better than the original

i have ptsd and real bad anxity. and its a mellow high for me. i love it. helps me stop shaking so bad.

This made me not want Xanax or wine. I think I could never need a benzo again if I just use this instead.

Dank!!! A keeper!

I love SD! First time ive tried ECSD, it is helping me with anxiety and believe it or not..insomnia. My hybrid favorite!

I like this strain! Gave a nice body & cerebral high! Smooth smoke, although I like the effects of using a vaporizer! Nice smell and taste. I got the medical strain of this. Helpful with pain, PTSD, fatigue, & depression. Makes me sleepy which is a good thing since I have trouble sleeping because of chronic pain. Effects: Happy & relaxed.

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