Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 25%, CBN: 1%

Pineapple Express is a Sativa dominant strain with a 60:40 sativa/indica ratio. The strain is quite popular and has achieved recognition thanks to the stoner film of the same name. However, you have to keep in mind that the strain is not as intense as the movie has made it out to be. But Pineapple Express still manages to offer a mild and nice body-numbing buzz, which is something to look forward to. The strain is offered in the form of well-weighed nuggets that look like Styrofoam popcorn. It does not taste sweet, but it does smell funky with its citrus overtones. The taste is quite extraordinary with a hint of pineapple while you inhale. Pineapple Express is chosen to treat a lot of medical problems including anxiety and stress. However, it is even more effective at curing the symptoms of chronic depression at the same time. If you are suffering from mild pains and aches, you should look no further. After a smoke, you will realize Pineapple Express is calming and stimulating at the same time. Not only will it heighten all your senses but you will feel energized all the while observing an increase in focus, awareness and creativity.
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🌲🍍 Pineapple Express, the secret to success. She is a fantastic hybrid, heavily leaning towards the Sativa side. With tones of sweet pineapple and fresh cedar, this is a wonderful strain to smoke during the day. It will fill you with energy and give you an intense creative drive. This is the main thing I look for in a Sativa and Pineapple Express does a better job then some pure Sativa strains I have tried. This is one of my go to strains for getting creative work done besides Blue Kush and Head Cheese! All aboard the Pineapple Express! Myrcene: 3.406 mg/g, Caryophyllene: 2.121 mg/g and Limonene: 0.97 mg/g.

I picked up 3.5g of this, grown by Forte Farms, harvested on 11/7/16 and consumed on 1/20/17. Pesticides listed are Neem Oil and Clonex Gel. The aroma is pineapple, sweet, pine, and dank; all of which carry over to the flavor. The high comes on fast, but surprisingly gently, starting with a tingling sensation at the back of your neck and a mental haziness which fades into sharp clarity and fits of giggling. I definitely recommend this to patients looking for a pick-me-up.

stressful day? smoke this bud and it will tell you not to worry anymore

This is by far the best high that I have had since Thi sticks back in the day. I have had the best in the world and this one is right up there with the best of them

Very fresh pineapple taste.. Good relaxing high

Killer strain one of the best meds for bad days.

Hands down the dopest dope I've ever smoked

Was up at 6 am, smoked at 6:45. Very uplifting!

For me this was strange. It's original onset was relaxing and mind clearing. No worries. But t made me very tired. After another hit I got clear headed. But for me, this stuff only wakes you up if you wake and bake. For me it did great as doubling for energetic in the morning and sleeping at night.

All producers are not created equally, with that said, neither is this strain, I have had hit or miss experiences with this strain. Mad Mark and Phat Panda, are a couple that got it right. So the rating is purely on the good experiences, I am not going to knock a strain because someone got it wrong. Anything with fruit in the name, generally has a fruity taste or smell and this has both. From the light citrus fruit aroma to the sweet fruity flavor, hop on board the pineapple express for a nice long ride. Typically lasting over 2hrs, this strain has legs to go the distance. The high is very energetic, this is one of my favorite wake and bake strains.

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