Spurkle Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 20%

Spurkle's genes definitely lean in the direction of its very popular indica-dominant parents, G13 and Purple Kush. The sativa/indica ratio in this strain is 60:40, and that makes for a long lasting high featuring a calming body buzz and intense sleepiness. Not surprisingly, then, Spurkle is recommended for the treatment of insomnia. It's also an effective means of treating ADHD, multiple sclerosis and other forms of spasticity. This strain carries on the potency of its parents, with THC levels exceeding 20% in at least one publicly available test. CBD numbers are much harder to come by, and that's usually a pretty clear indication that a strain shouldn't be used on conditions that require CBD, including severe seizure disorders. Spurkle has a sweet diesel aroma and a pungent Kush flavor, along with long, dense buds with rust red hairs. Users should expect the typical side effects, such as red eyes and dry mouth, though credible reports are hard to come by. Born in Southern California, Spurkle is sold on the medical market in San Diego – and that's about the only place it's found.
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