G13 Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 22% - 24%

G13, also known as “G-13” or “Government Indica Strain 1,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain with unknown parentage. This bud is rumored to have been created by the US Government during the 60's and 70's when they were experimenting with growing native Afghani weed strains for “medical” purposes. Despite its confusing origins, G13 is definitely one bud that you should try at least once in your life, especially given its powerful effects and insanely potent 24% average THC level. The G13 high starts with a euphoric lift that hits you hard with a sense of energy and a slight increase in motivation that doesn't stay around for very long. As your mind soars through happiness, your body will fall victim to a heavy buzzy effect that will lull you down into a deep sense of laziness and relaxation that lasts for hours and hours on end. These effects give G13 an advantage in treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. G13 has a sweet earthy flavor with a skunky smooth exhale that's surprisingly pleasant. The aroma is powerfully pungent with a rotting skunky berry overtone that can quickly become harsh. G13 buds have lumpy super dense dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with sparse amber hairs and a thick coating of frosty light blue crystal trichomes.
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In 10 years of smoking weed, the eighth of G13 I had back in 2014 stands so far above everything else I've ever smoked. It is strong in all of the right ways and none of the wrong ways. It is pure happiness, the strongest euphoria and the most perfect satisfying high that cannabis has to offer. If you ever come across this strain, it is the universe giving you a gift.

Wow! Extremely potent, but a sweet, mellow, safe high. It’s a slow creeper. It hits right away but takes a few minutes to completely hits you. So if you’re putting the joint down because it’s already enough, hang on because more is coming! And it’s long lasting! 😅 Uplifting and energizing at first, it slowly takes you to a nice, restful sleep. I don’t love the smell, but the flavor it’s good and the high is AWSOME! I’m loving this strain.

If you have a bad day this strain can truly and i mean this 200% it makes you and your day better ^^ I myself have 3-4 Diagnoise as Adhd Paranoid Skitzofrenia anxiety and maybe borderline. So as you may know im very challenged everyday! And i will recommend if you have the same diagnosis as me or maybe more? Something for your mood swings :-D - Have a nice day :D

I’m very familiar with G13. Having grown a couple of it’s hybrids. (A g13 bx & two versions of g13xhash plant.) Also I was lucky enough to smoke the original back in the 90’s. The effects are an immediate euphoric kick. Smacks you right in the face with bliss. Great for pain relief and socializing. The smell is hashy skunk with a lil orange pine mixed it. The hybrids can give off a burnt rubber smell. The taste is mostly hash and can be harsh to some. The buds are a denser olive green with stacked calyxed buds. Amazing trichome placement on these. So many trich heads in a small space. If you have the chance to get the real deal, you must try it. It’s a wonderful time and real American beauty.

Flowers were more open, not that dense nugs, amazing colors, a yellowish olive tone, with bright pistils and sometimes with purple/pink spots. smells really great, like a pungent, peppery and earthy berry. skunky too. interesting and unique aroma by the way. tastes sweet and piney. effects ranged from an euphoric buzz at the beginning, followed by a great mind clearance, relaxation and intense body high. at the long run this will give you munchies, and put you in a couch lock state, great strain for night or evening seshs, perfect for insomnia, eating disorders, muscle spams maybe, headaches and obviously stress. i love indicas but also i kinda love the cerebral high other flowers can give. Felt relaxed, concentrated, hungry and sleepy. overall is an excellent pick if you love indicas.

Dang the skunky smell is apparant, but combined with the sweet earthy, and a bit spicy I get that orange aroma more than the berry aroma, like the Orange bud smell was quit catchy, and it was quit the same, but with more pugency, even in the taste, a lovely tangerine/orange taste, that can be quit harsh. Btw it smells loud asf, I was getting anxious in the public transport because of the loud ass smell. The packaging is well closed and it barely doesn't change anything. Anyway, it gave me a serious couch lock, even with a high tolerance. It helps a lot with chronic pain and depression, everything become more clear, and it gives you nice visuals distortion, a bit pshychedelic. I'd say this is also very great to listen to music and chill, until you fall asleep ofc haha, damn I'm sedated asf

How come all of a sudden NOBODY knows or even acknowledges that even just 4-5 yrs ago sites like Leafly & other ones too ALL MATCHED & HAD G13'S EXACT lineage & now all the sites just say "mysterious unknown lineage"... I used to remember what ALL THE SITES SAID the lineage was but they musta been full of shit or sumthn but it did make sense as to how the effects come on & it matched the taste, smell,& the way these plants grew too. Im about 96% sure I remember it had Hash Plant & then an Afghani Indica landrace crossed to make it but thats all I can remember about what ppl used to say the lineage was.

Just tried some for the first time. Wow, the description is right on. I started off with one pipe full, and felt quite at ease and relaxed. Just as the description says, it turns into couch lock soon after. I use MMJ for pain control, and this one seems pretty efficient so far. Nice high!

Is G13 by itself even possible? I thought it was married to hash plant to keep the strain from not dying out...so, I've always thought that if you saw G13, or G13 Haze, you were quietly getting hash plant genetics as well...Not JUST with Mr. Nice. (But then again, I might just be remembering Mr. Nice instead.) Anyway, this isn't a great way to discuss shit, but many G13 summaries say that G13 is for "Government Indica Strain"...Wouldn't that be a "G.I.S" abbreviation then? It could have stood for "Gov't Indica #3" - with the person who stole it misreading the capital "I" as a number 1. That sounds like something someone would write on a 5 gallon pot actually...I just wrote "Planet Dosi #3" on one of my growing plant pots...I only have one of them...😆 If nothing else, if you're stoned and reading these reviews, maybe I gave you something to think about. Take care!

The G13 I use to get in FL in the 90s; To this day I still have never seen or felt anything like it. The original strain was unreal, like it fell out of a UFO

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