Turbo Mind Warp Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 28%

Turbo Mind Warp is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain created through a cross of the infamous and powerful Turbo Diesel X Mendo Mind Warp strains. This insanely potent bud is known for its mind melting effects that can easily prove to be too much for novice users that is fueled by a THC level that has been recorded as high as 28%. The high starts with an immediate cerebral punch to the head that gives you instant energy and a euphoric head buzz that numbs the mind and leaves it free to wander. Soon, psychedelic effects will overtake you in this state, causing you to fall into a sleepy dreamy state as your mind falls victim to itself. These potent effects and its high THC level make Turbo Mind Warp a patient favorite for treating insomnia, nightmares, chronic migraines or headaches, mild to moderate cases of depression, and appetite loss. This bud has large dense and chunky dark forest green nugs with furry light amber hairs and a thick frosty layer of amber crystal trichomes. The delicate smell of this bud can be deceiving to some, with a rich floral earthy pine aroma. Once you taste Turbo Mind Warp you'll understand its power – it has an earthy pine flavor with an insanely pungent diesel exhale that is almost harsh at times.
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I have a high tolerence but this ganja got my floating after the first rip from the bong. 10/10 would recomend

I must have a very strong tolerance. This only goes part way there for me. I do love the smell!!!

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