Thai Stick Marijuana Strain

Sativa Strain Sativa

THC: 15% - 20%

Thai Stick is a rare 100% sativa strain that is native to Thailand and was brought over to the United States during the 70s or 80s, depending on who you ask. This bud gets its name from its unique method of smoking it – typically you skewer the buds on long thin bamboo sticks. These nugs are tied to the sticks using stringy fibers pulled from the cannabis plant itself. After being secured, these nugs are often dipped in hash oil for added potency. Despite the unique method of smoking Thai Stick, it does have a fairly typical sativa high, although it can add a sense of clarity at times. The high starts slowly, infusing you with a growing sense of euphoria that eventually reaches its peak and leaves you feeling uplifted and slightly motivated. As your mind is boosted into complete happiness, your body will be washed over with a feeling of calming relaxation that doesn’t affect your ability to move but can leave you feeling exceptionally lazy. With these effects and its THC level that typically hits about 15-20% on average, without oil, Thai Stick is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, inattentiveness, depression, appetite loss, and stress. Thai Stick has a sweet tropical flavor accented by a pungent skunky exhale that’s just a little spicy. The aroma is sweet and floral with a fruity effect that quickly takes a spicy pungent turn as the nugs are burned.
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Haven't had Thai Stick since 1974. It is one of my three all-time favorites, along with Red Columbian and Maui Wowie. All SUPER-EUPHORIC and just the epitome of what you want in weed- Great taste and great effects. I would LOVE to get another taste of any of these strains once again, as they are truly among the historical giants of weed!

The elusive thai stick also known in thailand as "Squirrel Tail". This long flowering landrace is characterized by its fruity, piney, woody, stick to your tongue lingering flavor with musky skunky undertones and a long lasting slightly psychedelic cerebral ceilingless high. Many phenos show no fatigue and crash associated with indica strains and hybrids. Ideal daytime smoke, however use carefully because it can cause paranoia/anxiety at high doses. Thai landrace have been used in some of the most famous hybrid strains such as Northern Lights, dj Shorts Blueberry, Flo and countless Hazes. Presumed extinct in some circles, because of thailands harsh modern drug polices, thai landraces have been making a comeback thanks to several landrace preservation seed companies like RSC, ILE, Zomia, TLT and respected breeders. Thai can be very potent often testing 15-20+% thc and some phenos test to contain for significant amounts of thcV, the canabanoid responsible for stimulating psychadelic effects. A must try for any true cannaseur.

I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can direct me to where to find a real Thai stick like back in the day. It was the best-tasting bud I ever smoked, just wonderful. A very distinctive smell and taste. I MISS IT! Where can I find it? There must be a way!! It was just awesome.

It's by far the most potent pot I've ever smoked. I encountered it in the early nineties. The bud looked brown and sticky. It was like psychedelic. Since they've legalized pot up here in Canada I've looked for and yet to find anything that even comes close.

The Thai stick I remember, surely, was opium laced. This was late Sixties to mid Seventies and, other than Mexican dirt weed, there was Columbian, which sold for the princely sum of $35/lid. Occasionally, we'd see good red Jamaican, that was it. Growing up in Colorado Springs, home of Ft (Kit) Carson, during the Vietnam War, when Thai stick hit town, it was...for some of the yo-yo, hula hoop or foosball! The stick we were getting woulld have killed anyone in far less time than six hours!!! Oh, and it was sensimilia, whispily wrapped around a stick. One didn't smoke it the way it's being described, here...rather, it was used to spike regular numbers into, "thinking you can fly," numbers that three people couldn't finish. Some people swore they were laces with pcp or mda. Opium was and still is my best guess. One thing I never saw...and there was little I didn't see, in those days, was one of those giant monstrosities, above. If all one wants to do is get totally wasted, wouldn't it be easier...and a lot cheaper...doing dabs or other easily acquired concentrate? Hell, 32% THC weed is available, 7 days a week, 15 minutes away. No sensimilia, unadulterated, comes close to that. Conclusion: Any Thai stick not laced with opium is obsolete...

I got some around 1979 it was a bright light green, buds were rolled onto a stick, it smelled very good. I remember cutting pieces from it like candy. True it was a very powerful high. Never had anything like it since.

1st time I smoked it was in 1974 when I got it from a soldier returning from Vietnam. The stuff I smoked was dipped in opium & was the best Herb that I ever smoked in my lifetime, Unbelievable high & I've smoked almost every strain on the Planet Earth. I would sell my soul for some seed :)

My first time using this strain back in the day, all I could say was WOW! 1970's I could have never made it without Thia stick.

I love this more than ever. I smoked it in the 70's and feel Thai Sti co was the foundation for my taste in music. Progressive Rock. Also my taste in movies and books. Thank you Thai weed.

Best shit I ever had. Best High Best Taste and at 64 Ive had some. None any better ever.

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