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Pre rolls absolute garbage...can tell they're left over bottom grade shake. Does anyone use actual flower for their joints?...what a brilliant idea...toilet, poop, flush

So Blue Sky Growers are cultivating a flower they dubbed "Fruity Pebbles ". This is NOT anywhere near being the infamous Fruity Pebbles. Blue Sky brand of Fruity Pebbles is dry, harsh, and it looks like a version of Mexican Ditch weed commonly grown by amateur growers in their basement. After reading other reviews I don't think I will ever but another product by these growers.

Bought some of the Blue Dream BHO Wax, lot#2618. Tastes like burnt rubber. Harshed my throat out. Mrs. says she won't smoke it go get something else. I went and told the place I got it they should pull it off the shelves. Yeah, it was that bad. Total waste of money.

This is some of the best wax ive ever had in my life! Super smooth but still lets you know that its got a 90%+ THC score. Super potent, super tasty, these guys know their concentrates.

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