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We are under the I-502 Washington law and grow beautiful marijuana. Blue Sky Growers is a family owned and operated company.

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Pre rolls absolute garbage...can tell they're left over bottom grade shake. Does anyone use actual flower for their joints?...what a brilliant idea...toilet, poop, flush

So i just picked up this cherry pie dabs from Blue Sky Growers coming in at 92% thc. this stuff was great and so was the price since its $17 grams at Puff n Chill on Hwy 99 in Lynwood

So Blue Sky Growers are cultivating a flower they dubbed "Fruity Pebbles ". This is NOT anywhere near being the infamous Fruity Pebbles. Blue Sky brand of Fruity Pebbles is dry, harsh, and it looks like a version of Mexican Ditch weed commonly grown by amateur growers in their basement. After reading other reviews I don't think I will ever but another product by these growers.

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