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Loved EVERY strand

I have purchased many farmer js prerolls and have to say I'm about to give up. I smoke pretty regularly and have noticed most other prerolls can get me just fine with half of it. But js tend to take at least one and that's after I had to loosen it up cause I'd say 1 in every 3** are packed too tight and tend to "canoe" the whole way. ** numbers are based on ones memories. No study was ever done to state this as facts.

I have purchased a few different strains from farmer Js. Problem is- I never really get high. I dont know if it was just older weed or what. This was the first brand of legal weed I smoked. The sour kush was the only one that was mediocre. I have since switched producers and am happy again!

Went to the friday night deal at Satori with farmer js. It was packed. Picked up some great weed for cheap. Went last night to treehouse club in the valley for their farmer j night and picked up more. The shops had different vibes but both were top notch. Cj13, amnesia, sour kush. All great herb.

I love this farmer so much. I always buy when it's in stock. I wish more place close to me carried Farmer J's all the time. My favorite is Blue Dream, love the floaty feeling. I've had almost all strains they grow and have always been overwhelmingly satisfied!

I have tried Farmer J's stuff numerous times and each time the product has been better and better. I really like their Sour Kush as it has been consistently very good. Their buds can be a bit deceiving. Sometimes the bag appeal is not quite there but the effects are great. They have been doing specials and I was able to pick up a $5 gram of CJ 13 from Tree House Club. Great bud and the price has been great.

I don't know what the last review was with that person but i have never had anything like that with famer j's lots of my strains i get r grown by them

I bought 2 separate strains from this grower and was very upset for what i got. I got blue bubba and their J's famous which were covered in seeds and webs from spider mites. All this marijuana did was give me a headache. And the THC was a obvious lie because they even had a sticker underneath the top sticker with a much lower %

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