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Farmer J's is a cultivator and grower of cannabis. View the strains from Farmer J's that have been tagged on dispensary menus on AllBud.

Farmer J's Producer

Loved EVERY strand

I have purchased many farmer js prerolls and have to say I'm about to give up. I smoke pretty regularly and have noticed most other prerolls can get me just fine with half of it. But js tend to take at least one and that's after I had to loosen it up cause I'd say 1 in every 3** are packed too tight and tend to "canoe" the whole way. ** numbers are based on ones memories. No study was ever done to state this as facts.

I have purchased a few different strains from farmer Js. Problem is- I never really get high. I dont know if it was just older weed or what. This was the first brand of legal weed I smoked. The sour kush was the only one that was mediocre. I have since switched producers and am happy again!

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