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3443 Hilyard St , Eugene, OR, 97405

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9:00 am - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Recently found out from another dispensary that the reason some dispensaries are charging so much right after our world renowned outdoor season is because of our recent fires... Amazon is one of them!..It's really effed up that because some huge farms were burnt down in southern Oregon & some other farm's buds were damaged too much by the ash...that they decide to take LASTYEAR'S outdoor & charge around $11 g for it!! This bud is normally like $5-$8/g for fresh outdoor!..But they are literally selling it for more than it would normally be...& its over a year old!! This is truly disgusting,,,& I would highly discourage anyone going to this dispensary!..we have too many here to put up with buying expensive crap!!

AO has dank herb and local folks curating it. I drive a couple miles to get there but I’m always happy to do so. Great selection and a bunch of products that I’ve had a hard time finding anywhere else I’ve looked

Amazon has the best selection of high quality products I have came across, keep up the great work guys!

Great products, great store layout and friendly staff. For sure one the best in Eugene!

Favorite place, hands down. Great staff, awesome atmosphere, you guys are AWESOME!

Amazon has the cleanest and highest grade buds in town. Although they are definitely not the cheapest, they have the goods and fair prices for the quality you get. I love that they seal the buds immediately when they receive them. It shows as every gram I get explodes with odor when I open the container. Great new clone room as well.

They are okay, not a fan of the flower selection, rarely make it over their because nothing is ever all that appealing. Though they did once have some bubble hash I enjoyed I have yet to see more there.

Way too expensive for recreational marijuana. They keep raising their prices. You can find better herb and better prices all over town.

While visiting the mainland we had the pleasure of sampling some of Amazon Organics high grade medicinal cannabis and we were absolutely blown away!!! Without exaggeration Amazon Organics has some of the best pakalolo on the planet. We did a taste test between their GSC thin mint and GSC forum cut and were so impressed with the quality we had to bring some home for da 'Ohana in Hawai'i. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you visit only one dispensary in your life, visit the most dispensary who set the bar the highest; Amazon Organics.

THEY SCREWED ME OVER - sold me "just cut" cuttings stuck in a pot as clones - clones being already rooted. i watched these cuttings for 5 weeks with no top groowth - lost 6 weeks of procuction mass becasue these jerks are greedy and unethical. and they couldn't "help" me (what - lack of product? -greedy jerks) . THESE PEOPLE ARE RIP OFFS AND SHOP ELSEWHERE. MANY OTHER BETTER CHOICES.

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