5 Ways to Make Edibles Get You High Faster

5 Ways to Make Edibles Get You High Faster

Cannabis edibles present an unusual challenge. Edibles come in such abundance, variety, and potency that a reasonable person would be cautious in their use.

Some are just so tasty that you will want to pop a few at a time. However, that can be dangerous. Producers created edibles as a viable alternative to smoking marijuana. Edibles would avoid the risk of inhaling carbon toxins. However, they have made some so flavor-rich and discretely convenient, they tempt users to frequent use.

Nonetheless, some cannabis users have learned to manipulate the dosage, frequency, and potency to accelerate the effects. They want to get high faster!

The pros and cons of getting high faster

Getting high faster runs some risks. Edibles should have labels clarifying their potency per unit. Still, it can be hard to resist taking one more piece of a cannabis chocolate bar or more than two gummies. The fact is that you cannot gobble a tin of cannabis mints without some negative impact. Edibles have come a long way since the days of homemade brownies.

When smoking a joint or pipe, cannabis users will pace themselves as the joint or burn permits. Most smokers are not in a rush to trigger the high, preferring to savor it and spread it over time. Edibles take longer to produce effects because their biochemistry processes through the liver.

Smoking cannabis triggers effects within 10 minutes, but most edibles will take as much as 30 minutes to two hours to deliver what you want. Some people prefer to accelerate that delivery.

5 ways to make edibles work faster

There are two reasons to make edibles work faster. One, you need the medical benefits asap. Two, you cannot wait to get high. Here are five ways you can make cannabis edibles for you:

  1. Choose a high-potency edible, one with a charge of THC. Even if you are looking for the calming effects of CBD, an edible with a high percentage of THC can supercharge the outcome. The XL Rice Crispy Treat (1800mg THC), G-Bar (1000mg THC), and the Elvis Cookie (1000mg THC) provide a possibly crippling cerebral high. Users should learn to use what they must, breaking the item apart to apportion the dose. Some edibles come with defined portions to help users determine the best dose for their needs. For example, Hashman Infused’s 420 Cherry Bomb has 1000mg THC on a circle of rich chocolate. They have scored the bomb to encourage breaking it into segments. Topanga Minis® delivers 50mg THC in each of eight flavorful mini muffins apple cinnamon, banana nut, blueberry, butterscotch, blueberry, and banana nut.

  1. Double the dose. Increasing the dosage of cannabis edibles should quicken and extend the results. Here, too, it helps if you know the dose content. Cheeba Chews™ manufactures Deca Dose, individual chewable taffy candies. Each piece includes 175mg THC for a powerful high. Chewing two of them will produce a fast and soaring high. You might also try Punch Bar with its 275mg THC in nine segments of 25mg THC. Users take one component and titrate to larger doses.

  1. Drink your cannabis. Cannabis-infused beverages will hit the brain and body sooner than solids. Most edibles use fats as a base, and those fats take longer to digest and metabolize. However, liquids process into the bloodstream soon after consumption. CBD oils administered under the tongue take effect quickly, but tinctures may not belong in the edibles category for some customers. Good Stuff Tonics markets a tea sweetened with natural honey and flavored as Lemonade, Ginger Apple, Moroccan Rose, and Strawberry Hibiscus with 100mg THC per bottle. If you prefer the medical benefits of CBD, you might like the novelty of CBDfx Chill Shots. Customers can mix the shot into clear or sparkling water for a refreshing drink. Others drink the shot as-is from the container. Each shot contains 20mg of calming CBD.

  1. Stay hungry. The body processes cannabis properties faster if the stomach is empty. Those properties leach through the stomach walls into the bloodstream, and they can move more quickly if the stomach is not preoccupied with digesting other contents. A stomach filled with fatty foods slows the process even more. It helps to drink a lot of water that encourages digestion and avoids complicating things by getting into the munchies too soon.

  2. Improve your metabolism. It seems a contradiction, but the healthier you are, the faster you will feel the cannabis effect. A healthy lifestyle improves the body’s natural metabolism to convert the edible into its biochemical influences. Regular exercise, frequent hydration, and protein consumption keep physical processes toned and effective.

What does this mean to you?

Cannabis users can make their edibles work faster. Under usual circumstances, it takes a long while before you feel the effects of the THC or CBD promise. Some users want to reduce that waiting period because they want the cerebral trip attributed to THC. Other people in pain or anxiety wish to optimize the CBD benefits that fight inflammation, cramps, and social anxiety.

The decriminalization of cannabis and the multiplication of dispensaries have served to satisfy customer demand for cannabis influences without the negatives connected with smoking. As the taste for edibles grows, consumers need to know more about them, how they affect users, and why they should monitor their dosing. You can make edibles work faster, but you should do so in the context of potency, dosage, and frequency.