Brandi Johnson

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2275.5 miles, Recreational, Storefront, ADA Access, ATM
Closed Today
xxxx xxx xxxx , Kettle Falls, WA, 99216
No hours available - Open soon!
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Good morning, We have a right hand reading billboard opening up on highway 395 in Colville. If outdoor advertising might be an option, please email, text, or call me. Thank you,

Visited these guys for the 1st time today and had a great experience, got an awesome deal, and I will definitely be back!!!! Thanks man!!! Still slobbering over that mega joint!!!

Sounds to me.. That someone has some sour feelings. I go where they now my name have great deals. New product. All the time. They. Tell me whats new. Herbal ecents. Secret herb. Blowin smoke. Great employees medicaly qualified for medical needs. Hook you up. With best deal. 55 DOLLAR eighths. Are up there. But you want real purps or real Ak-47. You gunna pay 50 and up. Any where you all bunch of whiners. Secret herb has 6dollar 1GRAM bombers to 10 dollar grams. The choice is yours. And dandanko owner been nice. Havin choices. But ill stick to. Secret herb and herbal. Ecents thank you... Go trump

This store is great and the owners are wonderful people! Always looking out for their customers with their prices and their products! Any time I stop in one of the other shops Im always disappointed not only with the employees working but with the products. The reasonable priced stuff is shitty and the decent stuff is ridiculously overpriced. DaDanko on the other hand has great quality bud all around and not a $55 eighth to be found. They will always have my business!

I can be picky and indecisive but they are always patient and helpful! Great experience time and again...great people, love the options and killer deals!!! Thanks for the dank Dadanko!!!

Will follow these guys where ever they go! They have had numerous shops in spokane and have never disappointed with product or service. Recently got some co2 oil there that was the best ive had in a while! Knowledgeable staff, great prices and AMAZING PRODUCT!! This will be your new stop!! Thanks guys!! :-)

Writing this not as a review as I have already gave my review of how much I like this store, but because I am offended that my review was labeled false and and Mr. Pot principles says his is only one with any truth. Everyone is entitled to their opinions for sure but way harsh there. I am a real person that has no affiliation with dadenko other than being a semi new and repeat customer.I have tried all stores in a thirty mile area and have found this one to be the best fit for my tastes (very chemical sensitive), budget, and I really enjoy the staff as I am already recognized and greeted and appreciated by all employees . And as for your saying poor guy walked out of store with no smoke cause he only had ten bucks that's a true bummer as we have all been there but if said guy walked into Walmart and wanted milk but was a dollar short I'm pretty sure the employee would be fired if they just let him have it at lower price. That's just life so pretty mean to blame poor clerk for doing their job. So maybe instead of calling your self pot principles you should say no principles as you seem pretty angry that some good employee didn't rip off their employer. Smh

Tbh the service was great and I have no complaints, been goin to the other shops now for a while, I am sooooooo happy there's a choice now. Dedanko has what you will need. No $55 eights there. Just 35 to 45 dollar eights. That are really good I might add. hit this place up for sure, make up your own mind, remember everyone is differrnt. Trust me I'm the pot guru, hit them up.

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