The Back Porch

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2393.8 miles, Recreational, Storefront
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907 N Wenatchee Avenue Ste B , Wenatchee, WA, 98501

The Back Porch is a licensed Washington Recreational Marijuana Retailer in Wenatchee that will be opening in January 2015!


The Back Porch is a licensed Washington Recreational Marijuana Retailer in Wenatchee that will be opening in January 2015!

No hours available - Open soon!
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Had been a customer of theirs since they opened, and spend quite a bit there. It's the only place I have gone to for a long time, but today they lost me as a customer. I had a cartridge that i bought 2 hours earlier that i needed to return as it did not work on either of the 2 batteries that they sold me. I had all the packaging and the receipt but they would not return or exchange it. They pulled a new battery from under the counter that is different than the ones I own and it worked. My batteries, one is only 1 month old, that I bought from them work on every other cartridge I own, and all the other brands they sell. They simply told me that if the batteries I have don't work I have to get a new one, which is more expensive than the ones I bought. It's a simple screw on cartridge nothing special. I understand being skeptical of returns in this industry, but to turn away a customer who has spent at least 8 thousand in the store since you opened (who has never attempted to return or exchange a product) over a $40 cartridge is asinine.

Welcomed as soon as we entered the store made feel right at home dispite our being from out of state. Our bud tinders were knowledgeable and polite . The strains were definitely Top shelf as the service . I look foward to our next visit

Omg very good service indeed ...& good looking crew... sexy youngsters😎😎😎

Why do you not have a menu on line. I like your store. But I drive a long ways and would like to see what you got but can't damit . thank you

This place rocks. I live in the area and this is my favorite store. It is a little more casual than most...but, yes, they do check your ID. Their prices are phenominal...their everyday pricing is better than frequent buyer discounts at other stores. Inventory selection rotates frequently so there is always something new to try and usually at a price that is too low to refuse. Again, this store is a bit casual and the guys that work there are young and casual and there is a lot of walk-in traffic in this if you are looking for "continental white glove boutique service whilst getting your butt kissed" you are probably going to be disappointed because it ain't that kind of place. If you are looking for great product at a great price from some great guys who know what they sell, stop on by the Back Porch they will not let you down. Peace.

I walked in expecting to get service since there was only me and this other guy in there but I had to approach the worker first. I start looking around and then turn around to ask the "dude" a question and I catch him picking his nose. Then I got harassed by another customer while I was trying to use the ATM and the workers didn't tell him to leave or back off, even after I told the guy no (three times) and then to get the hell away from me. He kept pestering me to give him money. I left without even buying anything. Everything I wanted to buy was a lower quality than the other stores but for a higher price. It doesn't make any sense. I really won't be surprised if they go out of business. Remove my review and I'll just post it again and again. How can you hire a guy that picks his nose not only in general but in front of customers? It's incredible how terrible my experience at that store was.

The guys that work there are awsome! !

Ive been in shops from here to olympia and never once has a counter person make the time to explain what each crop help you in what wayz you need it to. Good job guys and keep up the good work!

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