10 Cannabis Products on the Rise in 2019

10 Cannabis Products on the Rise in 2019

The legalization of grow, sale and use of cannabis increases the demand for and supply of new products. It’s the nature of economics.

So far, the rush to supply the demand has been uneven and challenging. You can see part of the effort reflected in the performance of cannabis-related stocks. And, the next statewide elections will increase the interest as legalization widens.

The current and trending market is bringing new products to the market. And, here are ten worth your consideration:

1. Cannabis Oil will continue to dominate the non-smoking audience. It has several advantages. CBD Oil is consumed conveniently and discretely. You don’t need the equipment it takes to smoke, vape, or bong. It works without disturbing an anti-smoking culture. And, it has the unique advantage as a cross-over product in a market ready for its affirmed and rumored benefits.

The uneducated and inexperienced public has been assaulted by media coverage of CBD Oil, so it sells as a socially-acceptable way of using. And, with the heavy push by hemp marketers, CBD Oil is being pitched in legal and illegal states. The most heavily advertised oils are hemp-based CBD oils.

WANA sells extended-release Sativa capsules in Colorado and four other legal states. The capsules have a tested 10: 1 THC: CBD ratio for accurate dosing when consuming. They also market Indica and Hybrid formulations.

2. Tinctures are another discrete way to consume cannabis. They are usually administered sublingually, but that risks incorrect dosing. Administered under the tongue, the tincture ensures a quick response and lasting effects. Tinctures are available online but remain available for medical use in most dispensaries.

Diamond Cannabis offers tinctures for day-time and night-time use with Indica or Sativa bases. They market, for example, Habit™ 1:1 DayTime, a sativa full-spectrum cannabis tincture, and a Habit™ 25: 1 Night Time Indica full-spectrum as well as some in between. The well-reviewed Purely Medicinal Cannatonic strain capsules out of Colorado has disappeared because of regulatory issues.

3. Topicals with cannabis content allow users to rub on and massage in relief. Hemp-derived products are appearing in retail stores everywhere. But, cannabis-based products are appearing with endorsements from Whoopi Goldberg, Mellissa Etheridge, and the Marley Family. Their marketing success depends on their continuing celebrity connection.

Im-bue Botanicals introduced its EM·BODY, a 200mg premium CBD salve containing Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Hemp-derived Premium Colorado grown CBD oil extract (200mg CBD), Essential Oils of rosemary, mint and infused arnica flowers.

4. Transdermal Patches promise discrete pain relief when applied at joints or on muscles. The cannabis benefits impact the skin, the body’s largest organ threaded with the Endocannabinoid System. Patches relieve pain inflammation at the surface and move deep into subdermal layers and muscles. They provide high bioavailability to work within fifteen to thirty minutes for eight to twelve hours of pain relief. Apply to any venous area of the skin for best results.

Mary’s Medicinals™ markets patches with six cannabinoid profiles: THC-Sativa, THC-Indica, THCa, CBN, CBD and 1:1 CBD:THC. The products are not available online. You might build up to the 20mg THC Indica Patch or stick with the CBN and CBD dominant patches.

5. Beverages will also impact the market heavily. As Parliament has immersed Canada in its cannabis adventure, the canna-economy has made significant shifts. Constellation Brands, the owner of Corona and Modelo, has connected with Canada’s Canopy Growth, the country’s largest cannabis producer.

This merger of alcoholic and cannabis interests has triggered other corporate moves. They bottlers see potential in the appeal of cannabis-based alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a business model they already own. They can use existing operations to produce health, energy, and recreational drinks. Motley Fool recommends investing in cannabis beverage stocks in 2019.

Dixie offers flavored 100mg THC-infused lemonades and root beer through permitted states. These drinks trigger oral mucosal absorption through the tongue and lining of the mouth. Additional absorption occurs in the intestinal tract and liver’s metabolism. Oral Mucosal – Absorption of THC and other cannabinoids through the lining of the mouth and under the tongue – effects are felt throughout the entire body. This is the fastest method of medication.

6. Lip Balm is another way of using cannabis discretely. Whether you have dry lips or not, you can apply the lip balm easily. This probably originated in ski-country where chapped lips are de rigor. Cannabis lip balm is another topical with the convenience of application. It moisturizes and heals dry skin.

People apply it to dry spots, eczema, and other irritations. Cannaderm® produces its Cannadent Lip Balm in a tube. It includes the likes of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Salvia Triloba Leaf Extract, and Salvia Officinalis Leaf Extract among a score of natural elements.

7. Chocolates with cannabis have been around for some time. There are candies, cakes, and cookies. The brownies are legendary, and this commonness makes a ready market for new chocolate products.

Défoncé Chocolatier has chocolate bars in mint, coffee, white, milk, and hazelnut influences. Each segment is a THC 5mg dose for a total of THC 90mg per bar. The bars are nicely packaged, and the only negative is the temptation to eat more than you should.

8. Snacks come in the form of brownie bites, stuffed empanadas, fig bars, and other versions of usual snacks. They serve as munchies, but you must remember you are adding more cannabis to your intake. Or, they make a nice way to energize a social group.

VVC Brands (Venice Cookie Company) has a line of products in small bags. You might try their Savory Pretzels with approximately 30 in a child-proof bag and 3mg THC in each pretzel.  Again, you are urged to just eat one or two to start.

9. Cosmetics makers see huge markets for cannabis-infused products. Some are available online; others only sell at dispensaries. Most are hemp-infused and sell everywhere. They market as soap, soaking bath, mascara, makeup, lipstick, and more.

Cannuka has a whole catalog of items. Their best THC-free best sellers include CBD Calming Eye Balm, CBD Nourishing Body Cream, and CBD Healing Skin Balm. Milk Makeup has a Kush-infused mascara. And, Sephora has launched a line of High Beauty products.

10. Candies continue to be popular. Gummies and chewables have been a discrete option for some time. Medical patients favor them as an acceptable and tasty way to use.

Now, manufacturers are introducing additional choices. Mountain High Suckers, for instance, treat you to 31mg THC with each caramel-dipped apple-flavored lollipop. Zoids and ZootRocks are pocket candies from Washington in several flavors promising 5mg THC in each piece.

New products for 2019

There are many more new items on the market including equipment and strains. But, the market for those listed here is expanding. They are favored by medical marijuana customers and the new recreational customers. They are produced at low cost and sold at a high margin so you can expect increased competition.