Apple Fritter Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22% - 28%

Apple Fritter, also known as “Apple Fritters,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Sour Apple X Animal Cookies strains. Best known for making the High Times' 2016 “World's Strongest Strains” List, this baby brings on a hard-hitting high and super delicious flavor that will have you begging for more after just one taste. This bud has a super sweet fruity apple flavor with a lightly cakey vanilla exhale that's just like a delicious fresh-baked apple fritter. The aroma is very similar, with an herbal effect to it, too. The Apple Fritter high starts almost as soon as you experience your first exhale, filling your mind with a rushing lift that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts almost immediately. As your cerebral state flies higher and higher, a tingly body high will wash over you, relaxing your aching muscles and leaving you feeling totally at ease with the world around you. In combination with its super high 22-28% average THC level, these effects give Apple Fritter an edge in treating those suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, depression, mood swings and chronic stress. This bud has spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with deep purple undertones, vivid orange hairs and a coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.
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I'm a guitarist in a band and I am always looking for strains that amp up creativity and energy. This strain is fantastic. It lights us up and we'll often be in the studio late, having a blast, until one of us looks at our phone and says, "it's fkn 3 A.M., time to get some sleep". Forget Cocaine and Speed, this weed will wire you up -- in the best way.

Right off the bat I'll go ahead and tell you I am high functioning autistic... that brings about enough of its problems but also tends to borrow problems presented by ADHD/ADD. The high I get off this is unlike any other high I've gotten. Sometimes I forget how much tension I build up in my body when I'm at work because whenever the high sets in my muscles begin to steadily relax. This relaxation doesn't cause me to couch-lock like other strands, instead I'm able to walk about without stumbling (a welcome sight). The head high is where the benefit really shows though, as it is like my thoughts stop moving so fast and a moment of clarity has eschewed itself into a chaotic weekday night. My thoughts become like a sharpened blade, commands to be executed by my world actions... which is usually when I'm playing video games... which require my eyes... and oh god the colors are lively.

Well, I feel like I’m a seasoned user and would definitely say this indica dominant is great for anxiety. My bud tender told me to ease into it at night, so I did the opposite and partook as soon as I got home. All my anxiety melted away and I was able to see clearly, move through my day without feeling the emotional vampires sucking my energy and will be back for more!

Some of the best shit I I’ve smoked for bein high at work. I was blitz yet still highly productive. Perfect “anytime” strain indeed ⛽️🔥

It has a strong sweet cinnamon sugar smell, barely smelling like most other weed. Very surprising to us!

Very nice dense nugs here. Heavy hitter for sure! Has a nice "glazed" flavor for an aftertaste that i did NOT mind lingering long after the exhale throughout the smoke. Definitely top 5 favorite now!

Very picky on what I purchase. This strain didn’t look like what I usually buy. Buds weren’t the best looking but decided to try it from all I’ve heard. Definitely didn’t let me down at all. I’ve smoked over 28 years every day. This is a must try great high out of the gates n gets better as u cruise through it.

Well, i wanted to try Apple fritter before, but never got the chance to buy it, now im not that interested, anyways that until an old pal passed me some lil nugs while we smoked some, like ive said, i was not that excited about this, but it really surprised me, i like how strains im not interested suddenly gets me in a good mood. buds come greenish, with kinda orangish tones here and there. looks great and bright. smells kinda sweety and earthy. maybe fruity in some tones. tastes really great, a sweet, earthy fruit, with tones of kinda pine and herb. strong effects for sure, i love when a strain gets you heavy eyelids. like a good massage in the eyes. felt euphoric, happy, and stoned for good. a tingly sensation in the head that later trascends into the body. great high, good for wake n bakes or evening seshs. a really great and tasty strain for sure.

Love this strain, tastes so good when you inhale. When you break down the flower it has such a fruity yet cheesy smell. Great high!

Like a fat kid that loves Fritters. I inhaled this fritter and I am full. Full flavor and more filling and taste great! Mix with Banana Punch for a really good time…

As a long time puffer, apple fritter rings all the bells. Well Done!

Finally got some actual Apple Fritter as a Drip Rock aka a Moon Rock so its weed covered in shatter tgen dipped in kief. This shot ripped me a new one. Two hits had me from dead sober to almost passing out.

Idk about all the claims in all the delicious flavors sensations ... but it just taste like weed to me! As all flower strains. Some taste more dank some taste less dank. But the this apple fritter I'm blazing right now.. is good shit.

Got a version of this strain called Blue Apple Fritter [labeled Sativa/Hybrid] (which I think is Blue Dream crossed with Apple Fritter, guessing from both the name and the high.) Got it as some wax, blasted by West Edison, and purchased from Golden Meds in Colorado. THCa is 75.55%, THC is 4.23%, CBS is 1.29%, CBDa is 0.18%, with total CBD landing at 2.25% and total THC at 70.49% with total Cannabinoids hitting at 82.08%. Coloration of the wax is a darker yellow, consistency is a malleable slightly wet wax, hit is semi-smooth (with light coughing on my part) and the taste is quite earthy to me. The high definitely leans Sativa, though it's a relaxing Sativa high. The head high is extremely cerebral, filling the brain with a tingly energy. There's also a slight psychedelic edge to it, giving me a minor distortion of my visual perception. The head is quite clear though, and uplifting with a definite surge in my thought processing/production but NOT is a racy way. Body high is also slightly energetic though that's offset by a deep rooted relaxation, so it's a relaxing buzz (idk how that works but it does.) I feel like the more you do though, the more racy the high becomes. Overall it's a decent strain, though definitely not one I personally would buy again as I prefer the heavy Hybrids/Indicas.

One of the best strains I've ever had. Excellent taste combined with such a euphoric and calming high. This is a must try for any stoner.

I believe that apple 🍏 fritter gives an incredible high and anyone who knows bud will be happy! Maybe it’s too strong 💪🏻 for some I’m a brain 🧠 cancer ♋️ survivor so maybe it doesn’t affect me in a different fashion!so I’m happy and I’m spreading positivity vibes to all my fellow weed lovers! 😊🤟🏻🙋🏼‍♀️✌🏼

Not a big fan, felt dull. Did help me sleep some, maybe bedtime only ok

Really really enjoyed the apple fritter. Such a sweet smell and Taste good as well. Very relaxed

Mellow body high. Relaxing but not too much. Popped in some headphones and vibed out.

I am seriously impressed with this strain. Purchased an 1/8 Panda opened it up and was pleasantly awakened by the great smell and look of the Bud. Taste was so fascinating on the inhale and exhale. We couldn’t stop bragging about it as other strains are weak compared to this taste. Great relaxing.

True to description. I like the apple fritter strain as it engulfs my brain and gets my mind going, all the while my body relaxes and the pain in my body is relieved to a relaxing and a very enjoyable high.

AF is my favorite strain next to Gary Peyton. I call this my desert strain because it gives me a happy sugar high that allows me to wrap up my day without tiredness. After a few hours of bliss, I drift into a peaceful state of rest before fading into a full 8 hours of sleep. I use this strain to boost evening creativity and treat insomnia triggered by PTSD and anxiety.

Tastes just like apples!!! Very potent body effects, but still mentally clear. Definitely recommend. Almost reminds me of GSC, this strain seems to do everything.

I like Apple fritters but it's not my favorite I definitely like the fact that it helps with insomnia though after two fat spliffs your ready to take it down 💰💨🔥😎

Great strain with very strong effects and a delicious apple dessert flavor. Nice golden, almost apple-like color. Feels a bit more like a sativa dominant strain to me, the effects are trippy in nature though more mellow than most sativas. Only drawback was a bit of harshness and a lot of tiny stems in the buds that I got. Some samples of this strain have tested as high as 33% THC with most near 30.

holy SH!T this stuff 🍏🌽 apple fritter is potent as anything you'll ever smoke! Immediate liftoff into what in my mind was pink clouds for some reason. Very bright, yet heavy eyed and extremely high. Even though this is a very potent strain, i would still recommend it for beginners. It was so freaking chill, mellow, euphoric and even a little stimulating. The 3rd time smoking this I really needed a pillow to rest my head though i got a really heavy body high. 10/10 fo sho 😁👍

Nice bud wonderful taste gives a good body high

Great strain! Mellow af. Somehow I have a lot of mellow euphoria. Perfect. I would say daytime to evening, but I don't think it would put me to sleep.

Love this strain for edibles that I bake as well as in my coffee! Will only decarb it to smoke it as well!!!

Apple Fritter is a fifty- fifty, hybrid, leaning Indican. It is very smooth on the lungs and sustains a full-body and head lift for six hours. It has a terrific taste and burns slowly and evenly. It gives a good positive general feeling and also a positive way of looking at things. I give Apple Fritter a full five stars and would buy again, at the same price. The buds are smallish and fairly dense.

So far so good. Every batch I've had has not failed. I feel this strain works best for me. To each his own

Has no apple taste or aroma its a good strain but it does give headaches 100%

Wow the description does not mislead whatsoever. It is a must try. New fav!

Great strain, kills depression and stress. No real dry mouth for me but it can raise anxiety for be slightly.

my new favorite

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