Beaver Dawg Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 2%, CBD: 4%

Beaver Dawg is a lovely CBD-rich indica allegedly created by cultivators at the University of Oregon (the Beavers) and the University of Washington (the Huskies) – hence the name. Even in those places, though, this is not an easy strain to find. Dispensaries are increasingly selling strains high in CBD, so Beaver Dawg might gradually become more common in coming years. THC levels are low, less than 2% in some tests, while CBD levels top at least 4%, making this strain ideal for treating pediatric epilepsy and some other childhood illnesses. Some sources say Beaver Dawg is sativa-dominant, other that it's indica-dominant. But it delivers a calming, energized body buzz that suggests it's more indica than sativa (exact ratio unknown). This strain can treat seizures, but it's also good for nausea and pain. Of course, it's a bad choice for patients who require a THC high. Beaver Dawg has a fresh, mild, earthy taste and a mild pine smell. Negative effects are likely to include red eyes and cottonmouth. Look exclusively in the Pacific Northwest for this unusual medical strain; it's a local specialty.
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Mine is more sativa dominant. I like you can hold a conversation. And you also feel relaxed. It can be a little stony. Sometimes I fell a little bit couch lock. All in all a good strain.

Was recommended this strain by a friend who suffers from epilepsy. I haven't had any negative effects from mine since then, but I think I would've liked a higher THC strength for the price I paid.

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