Berry Noir Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Berry Noir is a strong marijuana strain that is produced by mating Platinum OG, Blackberry and Girl Scout Cookies together. All these three strains are well known for producing excellent and powerful effects on the tokers. Berry Noir is an Indica dominant hybrid that was also featured in the LA Medical Cannabis Cup 2014. It has green colored spongy nugs that are covered with shiny trichome resin as well as plenty of thin red colored hair. The strain has an excellent potency so its THC level is assumed to be quite high, but the exact value isn't known. It burns very smoothly and has a very fine and clean smoke. It has an earthy odor with a fruity hint that gives off a skunk-y smell in the end. Its taste is quite smooth and is a blend of earthy, fruity and licorice flavors. It instantly makes you drowsy and calms your nerves. Due to these effects, it is excellent for treating stress and insomnia. Medical patients of anxiety and depression can also rely on it to relax them. Its side effects include couch-lock.
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If I could give this strain 100 out of 5 I totally would. It's heavy hitting with effects that feel like they last for days. Fruity skunky paradise.

Great strain 💯

Very intense high, perfect if you're looking for a heavy hitting bud

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