Blissful Wizard Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 32% - 34%

Blissful Wizard is a hybrid strain created through a cross of the powerful Captain's Cookies X Girl Scout Cookies strains. It won first place for the Best Non-Solvent Hash at the 2015 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup. This tasty bud is a favorite to use to make hash because of its powerful effects and enticing flavor. The Blissful Wizard high is just as happy as you'd imagine, with a blissful euphoric onset that launches your mind into a hazy state of complete happiness. As your mood builds and builds you'll find yourself becoming more and more talkative with no real filter on what you say. You may succumb to uncontrollable fits of laughter at the slightest hint of humor that can leave you gasping for breath. These cerebral effects are anchored by a relaxed body buzz that rids you of any pain or spasms. Because of these effects and its insanely high average THC level of about 34%, Blissful Wizard is a favorite bud for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms or tremors, and nausea. This bud has a delicious flavor of sweet apple with a hint of floral earth that is surprisingly pungent upon exhale. The smell is of sweet granny smith apples with an earthy tinge. Blissful Wizard buds have small to medium-sized round pebble-shaped forest green nugs with fiery orange hairs and a frosty thick coating of crystal white trichomes.
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AAAA++++ quality strain! Great for daytime use. Makes me feel productive & sociable which I never feel. Gets you out of ur head if ur depressed and really makes you think and appreciate things better. Gives you perspective on alot that you wouldn't normally think about. Have to have this daily. I'd be lost without the wizard.

Very high level of medicine, insane amount but great feeling. One of my favorite

Evening, I would say this strain, is very potent and gives a well leveled body high and cereberual effects. Im curous though, can you send me a link as to how to purchase a substantial amount such as pre-roll, or 8th. PLease let me know if the items can be sent to U.S. particular Atl, GA.

My Personal Opinion: 7\7\18*** I am fairly new to smoking quality stuff. I always try to read before I order. so for me i have yet to figure out how to taste the flavors in description? probably ODD, but it all taste the same to me. Then also at least for this one strain other than feeling horribly exhausted next day. none of the benefits listed seemed to work to my favor. this should not be taken as negative since i am making notes for myself as i learn what works best for me. keeping it on my account. Sadly there is no where to keep private notes!!!! ( hint, to... website makers) LOVE this site and the product information is GREAT. the service is AMAZing. i have tried and will continue to try products. since i will always need to be pain free.

Got paranoid smoking this one. Did not experiance much relaxation. Felt more productive.

This stran is the shit props to cookie man. And the guy who writes these reviews he hit the nail on the head.

Amazing stuff, not harsh at all but gets you really high.

Great stuff, thanks for recommending

Blissful Wizard is a win-win strain; it has an amazingly complex flavor profile and it gets you very stoned. I enjoy this strain thoroughly and I wouldn't be surprised if four out of five psychiatrists recommend it for their patients that use cannabis.

Oh man! Is it the best cookie cross I've ever had the taste of sweet pungent apple man this is good Very high thc 33.28% loving this bud more & more with every puff & more Weird 5 Stars

View this through a 60-100X scope and you will see why this is such a special strain, living in Maine has this benefit, intense upbeat euphoric head and body, feeling totally functional, clear minded, if only the tongue can keep up with the mind, brings you back to the childhood laughter, what a fantastic strain. when munchies set in, make sure you have twice the amount available. Great medicine for the chemo patient, nausea, depression. upbeat and long lasting, 2 rips and 4 hours later feeling magical.

Cookiemaine is the man!!

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