Blue Ivy Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 13% - 18%

Blue Ivy is a pretty looking marijuana strain that is named after Beyonce's and Jay-Z's baby. It is a hybrid that exhibits a clear dominance of Indica. It has an impressive potency and produces dark green colored buds. Blue Ivy is produced by mating Blue Dream with OG Kush. It is an excellent grade A+++ strain that makes you feel euphoric, creative, happy and highly energized. It also uplifts you and makes you feel very enthusiastic. Some users do feel lazy after smoking it. Its potency is often rated as 100 percent by many of its users as it is a very potent marijuana strain. It has a pungent and skunk-y aroma with a sweet undertone. Its smoke is extremely smooth and has a strong and sweet taste that is a blend of blueberry, diesel and berry flavors. Blue Ivy is most useful for the people suffering from a severe loss of appetite. It stimulates hunger in your system and makes you feel hungry. In addition to that, it has a calming effect on migraines and provides you with relief from those headaches. You can also use Blue Ivy for treating your severe anxiety, depression, stress and different types of pains.
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Damn bro, bounced on this weed and like, woah. Had my THCherry popped at 11 and been goin STRONG straight through my parole, blowing loud and 💯 on the breathalyzer don’t give a toss about this life. Oh yeah, the blue ivy. That shit is DANK my bois. 4/7. Gang.

Just had my first hit of Weed and wow. Blue ivy is the one I got from my ex and it some good quality stuff!

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