Blue Knight Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 27%, CBD: 4%

Blue Knight has a nice and colourful appearance. You can see royal purple along with tones of bright green and deep blue in this marijuana strain. It leans more towards the Indica side and is created by marrying Kryptonite with Blueberry. It is quite a rare strain with a good potency level. Blue Knight has a total 26.44 percent THC level, 1.13 percent CBN level and 3.93 percent CBD concentration. Its aroma is lovely with a strong hint of blueberries and vanilla. You can also smell some earthy undertones in its aroma. The flavour is quite nice as well. You can feel a lovely blend of different sweet, spicy and earthy flavours, including the prominent taste of wood and blueberries. The earthy flavours become stronger with time. Blue Knight has a smooth and heavy smoke that instantly makes you feel sedated. It has a powerful impact on your system and begins relaxing your stressed body, which is why it excellent for treating stress and anxiety. It has a good and calming effect on your body pains as well, including arthritis aches. Other ailments that can effectively be treated using Blue Knight include insomnia, depression and loss of appetite. It has little to no side-effects.
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A rare, powerful indica hybrid, heavy AF, got a live resin cart, my second one in two weeks. This 2nd one is for my "canna med chest", as it is a powerful strain to have on hand medically. Its full on magic comes on fast, she's no creeper, obliterating anxiety and depression, stress, pain, inflammation, nausea and wrapping one up in that familiar warm blanket, w/bleeding red eyes (can't hide these, πŸ˜‚)slow and stoopid...lulling one into a blissful indica high. Awesome body high, floating, relaxed, chill good vibes on a cold rainy night, I can take hits off of this all night (like tonight) in front of Netflix and such. Have snacks, water, pillows on handπŸ˜‹ And it doesnt take much either, 3-4 nice puffs on 3.5V and Im blissed out for hours. The effects last forever, ending in a wonderful sleep...And the taste of earthy bluberries, woody, spicey, it just makes you stupid, unfocused, everything just slo0O0ows down, what any indica should be...Dig, this is some primo serious Happy Herb, πŸ’―πŸ”₯🌿 🌬️ ☁️☺️ Can you tell I'm excited? It's also quiet euphoric,...fuck I'm high and slowly melting like butter, took me forever to type this, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

Good for anxiety/paranoia, the affects last for 2-3 days after use where my anxiety is nearly non-existant. Probably my favourite! Really good

Love This Strain Its So Relaxing And Plus Last Long

Extremely good budd. Incredible taste and smell. Smokes like a dream. Got ten of them in the veg cycle right now. Seriously though...the taste. Something special.

Awesome and good to vibe

Love it!!!!! Harvest is early too!:)

How can I get this strain to buy?

Love this strain!! :)

This is a very nice earlybird indica outdoor mid sept. Be done . Its similar to (Gt Dragon strian its basically a afgany decent) Its always my first done.

Best I Ever Had like I said though

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